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Bleach Captain Kaname Tosen Suzumushi Sword For Cosplay

Bleach Captain Kaname Tosen Suzumushi Sword For Cosplay

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This is a handmade Kaname Tosen Sword from the Anime series Bleach. The blade is made from carbon steel. The handle is made from a hard wood. The sword measures 24 inches long.


* Kaname Tosen was the former captain of the Ninth Squad of the Gotei 13 during Aizen's Rebellion.


Product Details

  • Brand: The Anime Supply
  • Regional Feature: Japan
  • Occasion: Decorative/Martial Art/Cosplay
  • Character: Kaname Tosen
  • Blade Material: Steel
  • Scabbard Material: Hard Wood
  • Color: Black + Yellow


Q1. What is the material of the sword?

A1. It's made of carbon steel. Unlike an ordinary katana made of wood, plastic, or PU, this product boasts high-quality material and was created by a skilled craftsman. That's why it's relatively expensive.


Q2. Is it durable?

A2. Yes, it is very durable.