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[Sasuke X Zabuza] Naruto Sasuke + Zubaza Swords Bundle Discount

[Sasuke X Zabuza] Naruto Sasuke + Zubaza Swords Bundle Discount

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Zabuza was challenged by genin Naruto and genin Sasuke. While they may not have beaten him, they did keep up with him to an extent. Now that they have exponentially grown in power, skill, ability, mentality and experience; Zabuza is really not a match for either.



TheAnimeSupply is celebrating the historic battle between two characters and is now offering a bundle discount for Sasuke + Zabuza swords.


Both Sasuke and Zabuza swords are powerful swords for battle. Use them for cosplay or display it in your home or office.



What's included (Total 2 Swords):

- Naruto Sasuke Steel Sword ($250.99)

- Naruto Zabuza Momochi Sword ($250.99)


Ordinary Price: $501.98 ($229.99 x2)


Special Bundle Discount Price: $339.99

You SAVE a total of $161.99 dollars



Don't miss out this limited opportunity!