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Seven Deadly Sins Meliodas Sword; Meliodas Sacred Treasure Sword

Seven Deadly Sins Meliodas Sword; Meliodas Sacred Treasure Sword

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If you watch the anime series Seven Deadly Sins, probably you have heard of "Sacred Treasures." They are uniquely powerful weapons wielded by the Seven Deadly Sins; they were once treasures belonging to the Kingdom of Liones. 


What is Meliodas Sword (Lostvayne) then?

The Demon Sword Lostvayne is a Sacred Treasure owned by the Dragon's Sin of Wrath, Meliodas. 

The following product is a replica of Meliodas' Demon Sword Lostvayne. Get this awesome katana sword for your next Seven Deadly Sins cosplay! It is stylish-looking and nicely curved. 


Product Details

- Maker: The Anime Supply

- Length: 58cm
- This isn't sharp and for decorational purpose only





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