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Assassin's Pride First Episode Review


One of the few shows I read the manga for and recommended at the beginning of this season was Assassin's Pride. It also happens to be the only manga I kept on reading and am up to date with after making that post. Therefore, when the first episode aired yesterday, being honest, I was a little disappointed. That's not to say it hasn't been well done however, the animation is amazing and looks far better than the manga in terms of art and visuals, and the voice acting is right on. The music is perfect and fits the mood really well. However the story is a massive letdown. While it is normal to combine events and slightly change parts and omit others to speed up the pace of the anime, the amount that is skipped in Assassin's Pride is astounding. While fitting 5 chapters into a 20 minute episode doesn't sound that bad, it turns out it really is. The manga itself feels very fast paced as it is, and each chapter is between 50 and 70 pages so that turns out to be about 250 to 350 pages in 20 minutes. Again this doesn't sound too bad however it leads to much of the story being cut, including key scenes that help the show to make sense and explain what is going on. Had I not read the manga, this would have felt incredibly confusing and wouldn't have made much sense at all. It also allows for sometimes up to three events merging into one which can be very confusing as well as making it feel very rushed.


On the other had however, it must be said that if you had not read the manga and known about the skipped scenes or merged events, it would probably have been a very good watch as everything else was spot on. This also cannot be blamed on the studio or animators since the manga was not too well known and the anime probably didn't receive that much funding, making a second season unlikely, so it makes sense that the writers would want to cram everything into just once season, which likely due to lack of funding again will only be 12 episodes. Due to this, I still strongly recommend the anime if you haven't read the manga, which I recommend even more.

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