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Demon Slayer Rengoku- List of Unique and Intriguing Facts!

Greetings, my Otaku friends! I know that you guys are super excited to find some facts about Demon Slayer Rengoku! Well then, worry not because I will provide you with some exciting and interesting facts about Kyojuro.


Demon Slayer has been winning hearts for its remarkable plot, lit animation, and above all, its astounding characters. Among these Demon Slayer characters, the love for Rengoku Kyojuro is just above the sky. 


Without wasting time, let’s dive into the world of our favourite Demon Slayer Rengoku! Yay, let’s begin!




1.      Rengoku’s age:

Age is a thing that says a lot about a character but not every time it’s correct. I bet we all have judged him as a 30+ mature Demon Slayer, right? But it’s not the case! Can you guess his age? Well, he is just 20-year-old. 


rengoku age



2.      Rengoku had a Smiling face:

LOL, no matter how strong he is and how he makes the demons scared of him, Rengoku still looks cute just because of his smile. As you can see here, Kyojuro has an adorable smiling face.


Rengoku smiling face



3.      Kyojuro was highly Responsible while protecting the innocent:

Okay guys, if you’re a true demon slayer fan, then you know when it comes to the responsible characters, Kyojuro is second to none! He hated the demons who targeted innocent people. Which is best described by his words:


“I had a hard time detecting you, but if you bare your fangs at innocent people… my bright red Flame Blade will burn you to the bone!”

(Demon Slayer: the movie: Mugen Train)

“No matter what kind of motivation I may have. I will never become a demon.”

(Demon Slayer Manga Chapter: 63)



4.      Rengoku was strong enough to give a tough time to an Upper Moon Three:

Ryujuro was strong enough to impress Akaza! Yup! You heard it right! In Demon Slayer Manga Chapter 63, while fighting with Rengoku, he said the following words:


“I know your strength just by looking at you.”

“Your battle spirit is quite polished. You’re getting close to supreme territory.” 


So mate, now you know that if an Upper Moon Three praises you like that, then you are special!




5.      Rengoku was extremely fast:

Hey, hey, are you curious to know How Fast Rengoku can run? Well then, Thank God that you’ve me here! HAHA! Jokes apart, Rengoku is extremely fast, his speed is approximately 256 km/h! You’ll be proud to find that during Akaza vs Rengoku, Akaza admired his speed;


“What wonderful Reaction speed.”

(Demon Slayer Manga Chapter: 63)




6.      Rengoku respected his mother deeply:

Kyojuro loved his family a lot ­­­­­and had a special place for his mother. As at the time of his death, he remembered the words of her mother;


“It was an honour to have someone like you give birth to me.”

(Demon Slayer Manga Chapter: 64)

(Ahh, man, I wanna cry now! Someone, please get me a tissue)



7.      Kyojuro cared deeply for his father: 

When he was taking his last breaths, he was worried for his father and its best understood by his following words to Tanjiro:


“Tell my father to take care of his body.”

(Demon Slayer Manga Chapter: 66)



8.      Kyojuro loved his brother a lot:

The bond of brothers is always special and the same goes for Rengku! He had an immense love for his brother, which is depicted by his following words;


 “I want you to tell my little brother Senjurou that he should proceed down the path that he thinks is right, as his heart tells him to.”

(Demon Slayer Manga Chapter: 66)


9.      Rengoku believed in Nezuko:

Yes, dude! I know that he was against Tanjiro and Nezuko because he considered Nezuko a demon in the beginning. However, later in the series, his thoughts changed completely;


“Kamado, my boy, I believe in your sister. I accept her as a member of the demon hunters.”

(Demon Slayer Manga Chapter: 66)

Rengoku believed in Nezuko



10.  Rengoku was not afraid to die:

Yeah, guys, that is true. Can you imagine someone bleeding to death and still giving others strength? Well, that’s how our Kyojuro was! 


“Don’t worry about me dying here. If you’re a pillar, it’s natural to become the shield of your juniors.”

(Demon Slayer Manga Chapter: 66)

Rengoku was not afraid to die:




Mates, these were some of the interesting and unique facts about our very own Kyojuro Rengoku. I hope these facts intrigued you and made you cry as well. I wish Rengoku never died, but no worries since he always lives in our hearts! 

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!


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