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8 Interesting facts about Mina Ashido from My Hero Academia

Mina Ashido is a class 1-A student at U.A. High School who is training to become a pro hero. We get to learn many things about her on her journey.

This pink-haired character isn't as famous as other My Hero Academia personalities. But that doesn't make her any less interesting. So let's get started with interesting facts about Mina Ashido from My Hero Academia.


Mina Ashido



1. She is good at solving conflicts

Mina Ashido has quite a reputation for resolving conflicts in her school days. Her class fellows vouch for the fact that she could help the bullies and the victims get well along with each other. Clearly, that's proof of her heroic tendencies!



2. She stands up for her friends

It’s not just the bullies she stands up against. She even goes out of the way to protect her friends from danger. One good example is the scene where Mina comes in between a giant monster that was about to attack her friends.



3. She is emotional


Emotional Mina Ashido



So Mina Ashido seems like quite a tough cookie, doesn’t she? While that’s true, she also has a soft side which shows up in the monster scene. Right after the huge creature leaves Mina and her friends alone, she breaks down into tears. 



4. Mina’s overconfidence and reaction to failure


Tensed Mina Ashido


Many events have taken place throughout the semester. These prove to be a distraction for Mina and Denki. So during the final exams arc, we see how Mina hasn’t been studying much. 

Once the content is revealed though, Mina and Denki begin to study with the rest of their classmates. They’re able to cover up a lot of content within a week before the final exam is to take place. 

Mina's quite confident that everything will go well. To their surprise, they are supposed to be fighting against the teachers of 1-A. And in fact, Principal Nezu would be Mina and Denki’s main opponent. 

The principal blocks off all escape paths by using a wrecking ball. The entire event turns out to be quite the challenge. Mina and Denki fail the test because they're unable to escape or capture the principal.

But Mina’s disappointment is turned around when she gets to know that the entire class 1-A is going to the Forest Lodge Bootcamp. However, since she failed the test, she would be receiving more training than the others. And typical Mina doesn't seem to be shattered by that thought!



5. Mina is eager to show her courage

After taking extra practical lessons at the Forest Lodge Bootcamp, Mina learns they would participate in a sport. But she gets disappointed when that gets cancelled. Clearly, Mina is always eager to demonstrate her bravery and all the skills she has learnt over the course of time while participating in various arcs.



6. She is supportive and encouraging

Mina is supportive of the intentions of her classmates. Even when she herself doesn't participate in rescuing her kidnapped class fellow, she gives words of encouragement and inspiration. This scene takes place at the hospital when class 1-A is visiting a fellow injured student.



7. She has a flair for interiors

Mina loves the new place (their school has been converted into a boarding school by Principal Nezu). Since she is in love with the new place, she suggests that a room showcasing competition is held. 



8. She gets naughty and loves to tease

We can see that Mina has the habit of playful teasing. On one occasion, she teased her fellow classmate, X, because of the keychain that falls out of her belt. She even loves to party around. After all, a fun and cheerful girl like Mina can't work 24/7, can she? That would make her dull. 


That’s it for some cool facts about Mina Ashido. Let us know what you think. Oh and of course, if you want amazing My Hero Academia merchandise, you’ve come to the right place. Shop til you drop!

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