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TENGEN DLC- What to Expect?


The latest season of Demon slayer came with crazy and epic episodes every weekend, and fans are beyond hyped to find out how these episodes get interpreted into the game!


Not long ago, fans' expectations were met with another interesting surprise about Tengen's inclusion with a little share of his story in the final game season- Red district light!


This has left many gamers wondering about the release even more. With the latest season only 4 months old, will this new season also be likely rushed like the older DLCs? What characters can we expect to see this time? And most importantly, when!


Let us look at all the answers below.


There is a total of 3 DLC packs for fans as promised by the developers. Two of them have already hit screens with two playable characters in each, and now the third and the final one has various fans waiting eagerly for it. The game- Demon slayer Hinokami chronicles was released amidst the release of the tv series season 2 and is believed to have been released earlier than it should have been. With the storyline not having progressed much, many players couldn't enjoy as many characters in the game. Although it does seem like the developers might be rushing again, fans have higher hopes for the upcoming game season with Tengen DLC as a bonus addition!


tengen dlc


About Its Release

Tengen's entry to the game was made public through a leaked internal code on Twitter that displayed Tengen's moves. The tweet was deleted soon after, but the news was later confirmed. Tengen as a character has been confirmed in the upcoming DLC and, most likely, fans might not get to enjoy Tengen as free DLC.


Game creators were expected to ramp up the release once the anime season finished airing, with that now already done, the release date is nearing!


Moreover, some other epic characters have become fans' favorites, mainly Daki, bloodshot, Tanjiro, and horned Nezuko after the release of the latest Demon slayer anime season, who we all are expecting to enjoy playing in the game soon!


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