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Devil May Cry Dante Stainless Steel Blade For Cosplay
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You can now wield the fearsome Dante Sword from Devil May Cry in your next cosplay event, since we now have these available for sale. This sword is made of high quality flexible carbon steel and will remain as durable as the real sword version.

What Makes The Anime Supply's Katana Special?

1. Made of Carbon Steel
Our swords are made of carbon steel. Unlike ordinary katanas made of wood, plastic, or PU, our products boast high-quality materials and were created by skilled craftsmen. 

2. Handmade & Durable
After the smith hammers all slag from the tamahagane, he heats the hard, high-carbon steel and shapes it into a long, U-shaped channel. The perfect balance of properties is what makes our katana durable and valuable.