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33+ Anime From the 1960s- I bet You Will Forget The Latest Ones!

Good greetings. I know you guys must be missing me (HAHA, just kidding, I am glad you’re here); therefore, I am back with a great topic again. Today, I will provide you with the top 35 anime from the 1960s up to 2022!


Sounds cool, no? Just like you, I am super excited to tell you about them. Oh yeah, before diving in, let me tell you guys that these anime are opinion-based. Yeah, you got it. They aren’t ranked. Well, I am sure you would like them. So are you guys ready? Here we go, then!




35. Perfect Blue


Perfect Blue


Release date: February 28,1998

Hey, do you like psychological thrillers? If you do, then be glad because you have found a good story. It’s a story that highlights the life of a girl who switched her path from being a singer to an actress. (Nothing seems easier than it sounds). The plot further progresses and takes a bit of a scary turn involving ghosts.



34. Paprika

Paprika Anime


Release date: November 25, 2006


It’s another great psychological thriller with a touch of fiction. Imagine if you can read and share your dreams! Sounds impressive, right? Paprika follows the same concept. It revolves around a device that lets people share their dreams. There you go! The twists begin when a guy steals it to use it with malicious intent.



33. Patlabor 2: The Movie

Patlabor 2 the movie


Release date: August 7, 1993


Patlabor 2 mainly focuses on the history of Japan and how it progressed after the World War II. It’s an informative anime for those interested in Japanese culture. Patlabor is pretty famous for its political aspect. It’s one of the best movies of that era. Plus, It has also won a famous award.



32. Urusei Yatsura 2: Beautiful Dreamer

Urusei Yatsura 2 Beautiful Dreamer


Release date: February 11, 1984


Fantasy and comedy are a fun combo of the genre to spend time on. Urusei Yatsura is one such combo. The plot is full of suspense and adventure. A group of students tries to solve the mystery of the time loop. You heard it right. It’s the story that involves the concept of time loop, aliens, and whatnot.


Plus, have you ever heard of a dream demon? If not, then watch this anime right now. It has an exciting plot. It was one of the best movies of that era.



31. Akira




Release date: July 16, 1988

Akira is responsible for anime movies created afterwards. Its excellent quality and plot had inspired many creators. The story focuses on the two friends with a touch of cyber-punk and superpower elements.

In a nutshell, it’s all about fighting against the evil politicians and people who are against the government.



30. Yu Yu Hakusho


Yu Yu Hakusho


Release date: October 10, 1992


I can bet you must have heard about this anime, right? Yu Yu Hakusho follows the concept of reincarnation and demons. LOL, I know it sounds confusing. The plot focuses on Yusuke and his reincarnation and how he becomes an investigator of demons.

Other great things about this anime are martial arts, adventure, and supernatural stuff. So, I am sure you will enjoy watching this one.



29. Dragon Ball


Dragon Ball


Release date: April 26, 1989


Who doesn’t know this masterpiece? It’s factually hard for me to believe that someone hasn’t heard of it. Dragon Ball literally needs no introductions. Did you know that Dragon Ball’s manga is the best selling manga in history? Not only during that time, but it’s still winning many hearts worldwide.


The story revolves around Goku and how he fights off the bad guys and aliens to save the world. The level of his power is incredible.



28. Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind 


Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind


Release date: March 11, 1984


The story highlights the situation of the people in a post-apocalyptic world. Of course, nothing would be normal after that. There comes our MC Nausicaa, who has exceptional ability.  She has the power to talk with different insects. Nausicaa uses this power to bring everything back to normal.




27. Spirited Away



Spirited away anime



Release date: July 20, 2001


The story revolves around a cute yet daring MC named Chihiro.  She saves everyone, including her parents, from supernatural creatures. Let me give you a shock! Our MC is just a 10-year-old girl. Can you imagine such a girl fighting off the evils?



 26. Death Note 


Death Note


Release date: October 3, 2006


This is my personal favorite anime. I bet you have also heard of this one. Death Note is still popular among our Otaku. It involves the concept of a book called Death Note. Once anyone’s name is written on it, you can consider that one dead.


(The time of death of the person whose name is written depends upon the writer). There are also Shinigamis who invite humans to death. The story begins when a student named Kira (Light Yagami) gets hands on the book.


 25. Monster 


Monster anime



Release date: June 21, 2002

If you like stories full of mysterious crimes with a combo of psychological thrill, then be glad. Yes, Monster is a complete package that will keep you hooked up till the end. It’s a phenomenal story highlighting the harsh realities with a fictional twist.


The story is about a neurosurgeon and the tough decisions he has to make in his life.



24. 20th Century Boys


20th Century Boys


Release date: January 31, 2009


It’s another anime full of mysteries and thrillers and you will be having fun. The story revolves around a group of friends. The story focuses on their lives that get disturbed after following the incidents written in a book of Prophecy.


Now, the friends decide to look for the one who has read the book. That’s not it, my friends. The twist has just begun.



23. Tokyo: The Last Megalopolis


Tokyo The Last Megalopolis


Release date: January 30, 1988

It’s an anime with a historical touch and dark fantasy. The plot focuses on a villain who vows to destroy the world by using evil spirit powers. It’s a pretty intriguing anime highlighting the evil mindsets of people.



22. Astro Boy


Astro Boy


Release date: July 26, 1964


Even if you weren’t born during this period, I still believe you know this anime. I hope I am right, LOL! Astro Boy was the most popular anime series of the 1960s. Astro Boy isn’t an ordinary guy but a robot.


The story focuses on Atom and how he saves the world by using his abilities. The story is set in a world where both humans and robots live together.



21. Gundam


Gundam Anime


Release date: April 7, 1979


If you’re looking for a robotic anime or superb science fiction, then get yourself ready! It’s a plot that focuses on space wars. The protagonist is fighting for his country's independence. 


It’s the year 0079, the technology is at its peak. There are high-tech robots and a fantastic weapon called Gundam. Yes, As its name suggests, Gundam is a weapon that the protagonist uses to destry his enemies. 



20. Lupin the Third


Lupin The Third


Release date: April 26, 1989


How many of you like action comedy? It’s the best combo to have chills with laugher, right? As the name suggests, Lupin The Third is about Lupin and his comrades. Lupin is a thief who works with his fellas to steal valuable objects.  It’s the typical thief and police story with a not so familiar twist.



19. Evangelion




Release date: October 4, 1995


The story revolves around a guy named Shinji. The Evangelion is a bio-machine that Shinji operates to kill the angels. It was Shinji’s father’s decision to send him to the Evangelion. In the beginning, Shinji had no intention to use the Evangelion.

Later, he becomes an expert in piloting it though. In a nutshell, this anime demonstrates how the protagonist overcomes various obstacles in life by utilizing his inner power following the typical hero's journey; what makes this anime stands out from the rest of the hero adventures is that the protagonist is extremely timid and introverted. 



18. Ranma ½


Ranma ½


Release date: April 15, 1989


Ranma is an adventure and comedy-based anime. The story is about a boy named Ranma. He transforms into a girl due to a curse. Ranma changes his sex back and forth creating humorous situations.


The anime is all about Ranma’s life and how he deals with the various issues in his life. Well, the best part of the anime is the combo of adventure and comedy!



17. Galaxy Express 999


Galaxy Express


Release date: August 4, 1979


Being immortal is a wish that everyone wants to fulfil. It’s possible when it comes to Galaxy Express 999. Tetsuro is a 10-year-old boy who wants to have a machine body to be immortal. He can only fulfil his wish by travelling to a galaxy named Andromeda.


I bet you have already guessed it from the name of the anime. Yes, Galaxy Express 999 is a train that travels to Andromeda. This anime won many awards in the 1980s.



16. Ghost in the Shell


Ghost in the Shell


Release date: November 18, 1995


The plot is set in the year 2029. The portrayal of the advanced technology in the anime is mind-blowing. One such example is a technology that covers a brain to connect it with the digital network. This shell enables your brain to function as the internet and connect itself with other brains. Just imagine what will happen for a while. You can literally access the internet from your brain!


Ghost in the Shell is a long story full of mysteries, philosophies, and fun. It has a lot of cyberpunk, science fiction, and action elements. To know more about the “ghost,” get ready to watch the anime. (LOL, because I hate giving spoilers)



15. Gantz




Release date: April 10, 2004


Gantz is well known in the manga community. There are a lot of fans out there who love Gantz. It’s a psychological thriller with a touch of action and science fiction. 


The story revolves around two high school students; Kei and Masaru. They die while saving a homeless drunk man and find themselves in an unfurnished apartment. The real story starts here. This apartment is like a battleground and it is operated by a human-like machine named Gantz. The pair of high school students get to know that the only way to go back to their previous life is to survive in the world of Gantz and earn 100 points by killing monsters. 


14. Berserk




Release date: October 7, 1997


Berserk is a name that’s popular among all the weebs and otaku. It earned its popularity from the manga community. It’s considered one of the legendary manga of all time. It’s famous for its swordsmanship and dark fantasy.


The plot focuses on the life of MC named Guts, a warrior. It’s a pretty complex story following battles, dreams, and whatnot!



13. Doraemon 





Release date: April 2, 1979


Ah, man! This makes me nostalgic. Doraemon focuses on the cutest Nobita and his daily life. Nobita was often bullied in his school. One day, his life changed completely when he met Doraemon.

Well, Doraemon isn’t an ordinary cat but a gift from Nobita’s future grandson! Sounds cute, right?



12. Slam Dunk


Slam Dunk


Release date: October 16, 1993


You might be wondering that there are all types of genres in this post except for sports. See, I am here with Slam Dunk, a basketball anime.


The story is about a guy named Sakuragi. He joins the basketball team to impress his crush. However, the central theme of this manga is not a high-teen love story. As the story progresses, the story is more learned towards the passion of basketball and sportsmanship.



11. Alakazam the Great


Alakazam the Great


Release date: August 14, 1960


It’s an exciting story of a monkey who was full of ego. His ego became excessive when he became the king of other monkeys. After a series of incidents, he learns magic. There you go, after learning magic, his ego was touching the sky.

However, we all know that ego destroys everything! To know what happens next, grab your popcorn to watch the anime.



10. Cowboy Bebop


Cowboy Bebop


Release date: April 3, 1998


The story is set in the distant future. It’s where humanity starts to live on other planets and moons of the solar system. It’s a fictitious story about bounty hunters. They are hired to catch the bad guys, and these bounty hunters are called "Cowboys"!



9. Sailor Moon 


Sailor Moon

Release date: March 7, 1992


The story revolves around a gorgeous girl named Usagi. She is a sailor soldier. The main theme of the story is somewhat typical. Our MC, along with other soldiers of her kind, fights off the evils to protect the earth. 



8. Case Closed 


Case Closed


Release date: January 8, 1996


If you like anime like Death Note, you will surely love this one. It’s the story of a high schooler who works as a part-time detective. This anime is full of mystery and thrillers. Plus, it’s still one of the most popular series in the anime world.



7. One Piece 


One Piece


Release date: October 20, 1999


Dude, if you don’t know this anime, then you know nothing about the anime. It’s the most popular anime from the past two decades. The story follows the adventures of Luffy along with other pirates. They move from Island to Island and fight off the bad guys.



6. His and Her Circumstances


His and Her Circumstances


Release date: October 2, 1998


It’s a cute love story of high schoolers named Yukino and Soichiro. Both of the MCs are really popular in their school. Yukino’s life is full of struggles to maintain her reputation. She can’t tolerate anyone stealing her spotlight. Soichiro turns out to be his tough competition.

Imagine how their love for one another would blossom under such circumstances! 


5. Samurai Champloo


Samurai Champloo


Release date: May 14, 2005

The story revolves around a tea waitress named Fuu. Fate plays its tricks, and she ends up getting help from an outlaw, Mugen, in exchange for food. It does not stop there. Soon a ronin named Jin joins the pair. Mugen and Jin are not on good terms. But after losing the coin toss, they both end up helping Fuu.

The trio goes on adventures, searching for the samurai that smells like sunflowers.



4. Digimon Adventure


Digimon Adventure


Release date: March 7, 1999


How many of you enjoy Isekai? Watching anime characters travelling and exploring different worlds is an extra amusement. It follows the story of students who travel in the world of Digimon.

Yup, like you can guess, Digimons are the creatures of a digital world! (Man, they are hella cute.) 



3. After War Gundam X


After War Gundam X


Release date: April 5, 1996


The story is set in a time after the Space War. Like every war makes it harder to survive, the same is the case here. People have a hard time staying in a post-apocalyptic world.

The story is mainly about stopping the foes from starting another war and protecting what’s left.



2. Serial Experiments Lain


Serial Experiments Lain


Release date: July 6, 1998

It’s a mystery thriller centring around a high school student named Lain. The plot beings when high school girls get emails from their dead class fellow. After a series of incidents, surprising events start happening in the life of Lain. 
I bet you will enjoy this one if you like mysteries!



1. Magic Knight Rayearth


Magic Knight Rayearth


Release date: October 17, 1994


The story revolves around three girls; Hikaru, Umi, and Fuu. Fate plays its role, and they find themselves as Magic knights in the world name Cephiro. A lot of things happen there, and they are asked to maintain the peace of Cephiro. It is a pretty cool story with an exciting plot.




Okay, guys, this is it. All of the above animes were popular in their time. The majority of them have won awards for their superb qualities. If you want to watch the all-time best animes, you should watch at least some of them.

I am sure you would enjoy them. Let me know your thoughts about your favorite anime. Till then, Goodbye.


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