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Anime Girls Are Full of Variety- Let's Dive in their World (Facts)

My dear fellas, welcome back! I can’t hold myself up to share my excitement with you! Yeah, I am eager to share some amazing facts about Anime Girls. It’s gonna be fun, right? I mean who doesn’t like anime girls?!

So, let’s begin!


1. Ideal anime girls are termed as waifu!


Anime Waifus


I know we all are familiar with this term! All the weebs or not so weebs say this word! But let me tell you what it means! Waifu is derived from the word Wife. So now you can guess pretty easily that the anime girls who are called Waifus are perfect to be wives! Yes, in short, they are ideal wives!
It sounds cool, no?



2. I bet You Didn’t Know These Types of Waifus!!! 


Cute Anime Girls

Yeah, you heard that right! Anime world is divided into many types of waifus. Plus, I can surely say that we all know a girl from every type! However, we commonly know these types!

  • Tsundere (Cold yet kind)
  • Deredere (Caring girls)
  • Yandere (obsessive girls)
  • Dandere (Shy girls)
  • Bakadere (Cute but air head)
  • Hajidere (confident yet flustered) 

Anime girls are not limited to just these types of waifus. The list is just too long to add up here. But these one are the most popular and common types that you encounter in anime.



3. Anime Girls with Glasses Are Termed as Meganekko!


anime girls with glasses
Anime girls with glasses have a separate fan base. We all may name a few of these girls but, in the long run you call them Meganeko. You won’t believe it, but people have separate fan clubs for the Meganeko. So, who is your favorite anime megane girl? 



4. Anime girls are Lolis!


Kawaii anime girls

For those of my friends who don’t know what Loli means, let me enlighten you. Loli is a word that normally Japanese use for girls who have childlike appearances. In other words, they don’t look their actual age. It’s only in Anime that you will find absolutely charming Lolis aged 300+. Strange, but who cares, as long as they are pretty and attractive.



5. Your normal cat girls are famous as Nekomimi!


anime cat girls


In terms of Anime, you never say she is a cat girl. People, especially weebs and Otaku won’t recognize it. So, Nekomimi is the word used to describe these lovely characters. They are widely loved by otaku because they steal one’s heart simply by their appealing looks!



6. Can’t find Anime girls with animal traits? Try this! 


kemonomimi characters

I am sure we all are familiar with such characters. There are many anime characters who have animal traits such as animal ears, tail, fangs or nose etc. But most of the time you won’t find them in search, especially if you are looking for a particular someone. So, why not try looking them up with their famous title, Kemonomimi.       


Yup, anime girls who have animal traits are termed as Kemonomimi!



7. Kawaii anime girls are all about being adorable!


kawaii anime girls

Oh yes! Japan is famous for kawaii (cute) products and is unbeatable in cuteness. Therefore, when you see girls with animal traits, kid-like appearance, or full of innocence, then that means they are Kawaii anime girls!



I can surely say that we all wish to have anime girls in our lives. Sadly, this isn’t possible! Let me know in the comments below about your favorite anime girls and why you admire them so much?!

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