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6 types of anime PFPs that you shouldn't miss at all!

Who doesn't love anime PFPs? Even regular anime lovers can vouch for the fact that these PFPs are expressive. First things first, let's be clear about what PFP means. PFP could either mean 'profile picture' or 'picture for proof'.

And then, of course, you could have several categories for these profile pictures. A lot of them are not even official images from 

Here are some anime pfp types that are perfect for you to express any mood that you're in:


1. Anime boy and girl PFPs

Anime girl PFP

Let's say you don't want to use anime PFPs to express yourself. However, what you do want is to put up your favorite male or female character. Whether you like tough personalities or lazy ones - the anime world has something from every character to portray the traits.

Here are a few favorite anime characters from blockbuster anime shows.

Anime boy PFPs:

  • Edward Elric
  • Sasuke Uchiha
  • Rin Okumura
  • Monkey D. Luffy

Anime girl PFPs:

  • Rem
  • Emilia
  • Tatsumaki
  • Akame
  • Asuna Yuuki

That's just a minimal list though. You know how long the anime character list can get, right? Whatever the case is though if you look up boy and girl anime PFPs, they'll most probably be characters standing against a solid backdrop. 



2. Sad anime PFPs

Sad anime PFP

Are your exam results giving you the blues? Perhaps you've lost hope in something you were looking forward to. Whatever the reason is for you to feel sad, why not express yourself using anime PFPs?

In sad anime PFPs, you can picture the characters sitting with the rain pouring down on them, looking blue and so much more. But even if you're not sad yourself, you may find yourself sympathizing with the characters.



3. Playful and cute anime PFPs

Playful anime pfp 

Playful and cute anime PFPs make you want to hug the character. These often feature cheerful expressions, animals with cute faces, and other adorable characters. Typically, chibi forms often fall in this category because of their cute rounded shapes. 



4. Funny anime PFPs

Funny anime pfp

What makes a character funny as hell? Well, funny faces are one thing but using the entire body to make you laugh also counts. So when it comes to funny anime PFPs, you can expect popping eyes, drooling faces, and twisted bodies! On top of that, some of these anime PFPs can also include pictures that include words and jokes from the anime show. 



5. Cool anime PFPs

Cool anime pfp

What makes an anime pfp cool? Well, first things first, your character must have a dashing pose. Secondly, since the anime world is full of characters with abilities, it's best to put up an anime pfp that clearly shows power.

Think in terms of fire and ice, and other superpowers that we bet you have wished for at one point in time. Show off your desire to have the same strengths as your favorite anime heroes. 



6. GIF anime PFPs

GIF anime PFP

Finally, GIF anime PFPs are completely different from the rest. Simply because they're animated, bringing the characters to life. So these PFPs are the best for you when you want to share your favorite scenes with the world. 

The only downside to having GIF anime PFPs is that not all apps and services allow for use of animated profile pictures. So you'll have to check whether or not you can upload a video profile picture.




All in all, every type of anime PFP is relevant when it comes to expressing your mood and also showcasing your favorite characters and anime shows. Speaking of PFPs, why not get some super awesome anime art for your room and interiors as well? Check out the full collection here

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