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Chainsaw Man the Shonen Sensation

If you were an avid manga fan or reader, then in recent years, you should have heard of Chainsaw Man and might have even read it. Tatsuki Fujimoto has crafted a true classic, and many thought for a long time that it would join the ranks of Vagabond or Goodnight Pun Pun as something that couldn’t be animated.

MAPPA, on the other hand, had other plans as it took the hurdle of animating it and created a masterpiece with fluid animation while keeping the original tone of the manga in mind. But animation quality is not the only reason the show has captivated such a large audience. It is the story and the characters that are the true stars of the show.

New Story, New Perspective

Chainsaw Man is known for its story, though it is unique not by being some brand-new plot or narrative. Simply put, it takes a Shonen protagonist and shows us what would happen when you put him in a Seinen setting. Our story starts with us witnessing Denji, the main character, telling us about himself and his twisted world.

He is an orphan whose dad died, leaving him with an astronomical amount of debt to pay off. His only friend and family is an adorable chainsaw demon dog named Pochita. He uses the chainsaw of Pochita to kill the devil for the Yakuza and pay off his debt bit by bit while doing his best not to starve to death. He is optimistic and believes in the little good he sees in the world, even though he has sold most of his internal organs to pay off debts.

His world, though, soon changes as he gets himself way in over his head and is nearly killed by a devil, only to be saved last minute by Pochita merging with him and giving him powers. As he awakens to this power, he nearly loses himself, but at that moment, Makima enters the scene and can calm down Denji while offering a better future.


chainsaw man New Story

Presentation is a core aspect of the show as it genuinely juxtaposes the way Denji acts and the gray-muted world around him. The only vibrant color at the start is Pochita, but as Denji goes on and makes new friends and family, the color slowly returns.

This goes well with the story’s overall tone and makes the world feel alive in its twisted way. But not all is as it seems. If one is observing, he will notice certain scenes that seem out of place or make someone break character. This is set up for the overarching narrative of the series, which will no doubt leave fans stunned.



The Rag Tag Cast of Devils and Fiends


chainsaw man characters


Our protagonist, upon first meeting, is a highly optimistic loser with a demon dog. Still, after being killed and made into a devil-human hybrid called Chainsaw Devil, he becomes infatuated with Makima and tries his best to get with her. He is still a Shonen protagonist at heart. He just has other needs and interests compared to the rest.

She is one of the most mysterious characters in the show, and even though she is not present all the time, her control is felt throughout the public safety commission. She seems to be taken with Denji, but her true motives remain unknown.

Aki Hayakawa
He is a stoic member of the group and always takes care of Denji and Power. He has an established history with the public safety divisions and greatly opposes the gun devil. He made a contract with the fox devil to be able to summon its head.


She is the blood fiend under the direct control of Makima and is placed on a team with Denji. She is highly selfish and only cares for herself or her cat. She is able to form a connection with Denji and Aki while living with them. She can manipulate her blood to fight.




anime chainsaw man


Chainsaw Man is no doubt the most popular anime right now, and with the continuation of the manga and the success of the anime, it will no doubt continue to dominate the community for many years to come. Also, it has one of the best anime openings in history, with every frame being a movie reference. It is a must-watch this season for any anime fan and especially manga fans, as it is the best adaptation of a manga since Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood.


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