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Coolest Anime Cards

It would be false of me to say that card collection is a recent hobby as it has been present since the late 1800s, but only in recent years has it become a worldwide phenomenon. Cards collections nowadays exist in nearly every franchise, but this is only possible due to the massive success of Pokemon card packs and Digimon card packs, as they were the first to reach an enormous audience. Some of the cards in these collections are also rare and one-of-a-kind cards that boost their worth to astronomical levels, as seen recently in the media, where people are selling their whole collection for tens of thousands of dollars. It is also fair to say that not all cards have the same quality. In this article, we will go over some of the coolest cards to collect. These can be easily found at our online store, The Anime Supply.


1. Pokémon Cards

One of the first and most obvious choices are Pokémon card, and with good reason, as it was one of the first anime with card game available for kids to play in the 90s and did not require you to learn a complex set of rules, unlike other anime with card game like Yu-Gi-Oh! This, coupled with the fact that many Pokémon were already quite famous both inside the community and outside, created the perfect storm for these cards to become as famous as they did. GX and EX are some of the most popular Pokemon card for collection and TCG meta. Many said it was a fluke as a monster collecting anime with card. It was bound to become famous. This was disproven as, in 2020, the prices of the cards skyrocketed, and a new craze of gathering them started again; if you are interested in joining this hobby, head to our store, where some of the best Pokemon card packs are available.


Anime Cards


2. Naruto Cards

Even though the series has finally concluded, Naruto remains one of the most beloved characters and series in the anime community, so it might not come as a surprise to many that it too, has anime card packs to collect. Naruto card packs might not be as complex as anime with card game nor have the massive appeal of a monster collection like the Digimon card packs have, but they are still printed and sold because the community loves the characters. The Hokage Ninja War collection is one the most popular Naruto card pack as it features fan-favorite characters like Madara and Minato. Due to these reasons, Naruto was the perfect anime with card packs to be released.


Naruto card


3. Demon Slayer cards

Demon Slayer is a relatively new anime, but it still hasn’t stopped it from becoming one of the few Shonen anime with card packs to be released. Most of this is because of the superb art in anime and manga, which makes collecting demon slayer card packs so much fun. Demon slayer card packs differ from other card packs like Naruto card packs and Digimon card packs, as they have different packs for collectibles and card games. This distinction lets players know if they are getting a rare collectible card or a generic card pack to be used in the card game. The Hinokami Chronicles are some of the most famous demon slayer card packs to collect now.


demon slayer card


4. Digimon Cards

Digimon is a franchise that has been overshadowed by its rival for many years now, but that is not to say that it lacks any quality found in the Pokemon series. With Pokemon being in a steady decline due to stagnation, Digimon has started once again to aim for the top. This also stands true for their card packs, as Digimon has some of the most incredible monster designs, whether War Greymon or Omnimon. It also has an easy-to-understand card game that can be played online to learn the rules and keep track of which cards are still in print and which will be released soon.


digimon cards

5. Yu-Gi-Oh!

Pokemon might have held the superiority when it came to popularity and reach, but even at its best, it could not be compared to Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards, as it is an anime about people using cards to battle each other. It also has a very in-depth battle system that considers all the card’s attributes, further divided into subtypes based on their race and magical element. Yu-Gi-Oh! also has a free game available on steam where you can quickly learn the basics and even build whole decks while battling others. And unlike the demon slayer card pack, it does not need to differentiate as all of its cards are collectible and viable in the TCG.


Yu-Gi-Oh! cards


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