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Demon Slayer Characters- Get Ready to Enjoy the Facts!

Well guys, let's talk about the hottest topic. Demon slayer characters have created a special place in the hearts of weebs and not-so-weebs! Demon Slayer got its popularity from top-class animation, action, and of course, plot!

To talk about the characters, they are all unique in one way or another! So let's discuss some intriguing facts about Demon Slayer Characters!


1. Sunlight can't harm Nezuko.


Nezuko Kamado


Yeah, you heard that right! We all know that no matter how strong the demons are; they can't withstand sunlight! However, it's totally the opposite for Nezuko!



2. When it comes to speed, Zenitsu is the fastest!


fastest demon slayer


We all thought it would be Tanjiro since he is the MC! But the fact is Zenitsu is by far the fastest demon slayer character!



3. Kokushibo is second to Kibutsuji!


Muzan Kibutsuji Demon Slayer


Yup, I know it sounds shocking but it is the truth.  After Muzan, if someone is considered the most robust, he is Kokushibo! That means he is the strongest demon slayer among the twelve Kizuki!



4. Rengoku was strong enough to Fight against Akaza!



demon slayer rengoku


Yes, the famous upper moon level three, Akaza, was impressed by Rengoku's abilities, and he even offered him to be the demon!



5. Akaza was a good-hearted person!


Akaza Demon Slayer


This might be a shock to some of you guys, but that's a fact. As a human, Akaza was a loving and caring guy! The wrongdoings of people forced him to choose the demonic path! His love interest, along with her father, was murdered!



6. Did you know that Zenitsu can even hear the thoughts of others?


Zenitsu Demon Slayer


Zenitsu has the sharpest hearing abilities! Not only can he sense the dangers from a wide range, but he can even hear the thoughts! That's remarkable, isn't it so?!



7. Nezuko can talk perfectly as a demon!


Nezuko Kamado Demon Slayer


LOL, we all have thought that Nezuko cannot speak, but that's actually not the case, guys! The only thing that refrains her from speaking is the stick she has in her mouth!



8. Inosuke's mother was killed by a demon named Doma!


inosuke demon sayer


Ahh, this makes me sad to even think about it! Even when she was on the verge of death, all she wanted was to save Inosuke! (Ohhh, I need a hanky!)



9. Tanjiro's father also had the same scar on his forehead! 


Tanjiro Kamado Father


Now that's something crazy! Both the marks are identical, and LOL, not only the marks but the looks are as well! There is so much resemblance between both the characters. Plus, Tanjiro’s father’s name was Tanjuro Kamado! Hell yes! The names are the same except for a single letter!



10. Giyu's sister was murdered by a demon the day before her marriage!


demon slayer characters


This is what makes Giyu's past sad. Plus, no one believed Giyu when he told them that his sister was murdered by a demon! Man! Why is the world so cruel? Let me make you sadder, Giyu's sister Tomioka was killed trying to protect Giyu! 



11. Gyomei Himejima is the strongest Hashira!


strongest demon slayer characters


Gyomei is the strongest Hashira ever. Well, I know it sounds odd but it is true. It took Gyomei only 2 months to surpass everyone and become the strongest Hashira. It is the shortest duration recorded ever.




So mates, I hope you found something interesting! Demon Slayer keeps giving shocks to its fans but that’s what makes it the best! Well, well, how many facts did you know already? I would love to know your thoughts! See you again soon. Till then, keep smiling!

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