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Demon Slayer Inosuke Sword Style

About the Inosuke Sword:

Unlike most demon slayers, Inosuke’s swordsmanship involves the usage of two katanas instead of one. His swords are uniquely designed blades that absorb sunlight- the sole weakness of horrifying demons. The swords come with deep indents carved along their blades. Their serrated edges allow Inosuke to tear through a demon’s flesh, which is analogous to a wild animal biting its target. Unlike other swords in the anime that have words carved on them, Inosuke’s swords are plain. He also uses bandages for grip instead of a sheath.


Inosuke throughout the anime exhibits exemplary dual wielding skills. His time spent in the mountains as he fought for survival allowed him to swiftly learn total concentration breathing and craft his very own signature Beast breathing technique- a distant derivative of wind breathing. His ferocious fighting style is similar to those of beasts and animals; combined with his inhumane flexibility, enhanced speed, and perception, Inosuke manages to mercilessly defeat Daki and Gyutaro- two upper-ranked demons that were known to be extremely deadly and vicious in the ongoing series.



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