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Demon Slayer Rengoku Sword Replica

For all excited Demon slayer fans out there, The Anime Supply brings to you the ultimate Demon-slasher!


About the Regoku Sword:

Rengoku Kyojuro, from the popular series Demon Slayer, has shown exceeded levels of brilliancy during his battles and amplified our love for swords. His red flame Nichiren blade, conceived by Rengoku himself is welded from a scarlet ore with the words “Destroyer of Demons” deeply engraved on its sides. The flame patterns on the Nichiren blade accurately depict Rengoku’s burning passion for killing demons. Being a hashira, Rengoku was a master swordsman. His signature Flame breathing technique was a direct outcome of personal training he acquired from the previous flame hashira- Shinjuro Rengoku, that Kyojuro himself mastered later through reading an instruction book left by his sensei in the Rengoku family. His tough training morphed him into his generation’s most skilled flame hashira, strong enough to single-handedly clash blades against the former lower rank demon- Hairo, and later a powerful upper demon- Akaza.


You can bid all sorts of regrets a sweet farewell the very moment you lay your eyes on this wonderful Rengoku katana. The detailed flame designs exhibited on its blade and handle speak for its owner on its own- a flame hashira! This intimidating steel blade also comes with a lovely patterned white leather sheath.



About the Anime Supply's Regoku Sword:

Buckle up, and prepare to relive all Rengoku’s moments from Kimetsu No Yaiba when you wield this sword. Manifest Rengoku’s lightning speed, and use it to get the perfect demon-slaying sword before the sun goes down!


For all sword enthusiasts, our three-dimensional knock-off of the powerful Rengoku sword will serve as a dazzling emblem of respect for his passion. With keen attention paid to its detailed design, we guarantee you to find no other sword as perfect as this Kyojuro Nichiren!

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