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Demon Slayer Tanjiro Facts!

Demon Slayer is insanely popular right now, and season 2 has just kicked off with more action goodness to come! The best thing about Demon Slayer isn’t its huge action set pieces, but rather the characters, in particular; Tanjiro Kamado. Tanjiro has taken over the anime world by storm with his charming personality, beloved combat ability and some amazing art design and aesthetic. Naturally, people want to know more about him. So, if you’re wondering what Tanjiro’s like? Here are 10 little-known facts about Tanjiro Kamado from Demon Slayer!

1. Tanjiro’s Sense of Smell!

Tanjiro’s sense of smell is so elevated, that he can quite literally smell everything, even everything underground. He uses that to great affect during combat, to know when his enemies are going to pause and when they are going to attack!


2. The Demon Slayer’s Mark…

The Mark on Tanjiro’s face is a Demon Slayer mark, which quite literally enhances his survival abilities! He can survive a heart rate of 200 beats per minute and also extreme weather conditions!


3. Tanjiro’s Invulnerable Forehead!

Tanjiro literally has an indestructible forehead; this is not a joke. His head is quite literally indestructible; it can go through mostly any hard surface and come out without a scratch!


4. The Shape-Shifting Mark…

Speaking of scratches, that giant mark on Tanjiro’s forehead can quite literally change shapes! If you’re a keen-eyed viewer, you would have noticed this transformation from the first episode of the series to the current one, it looks very different!


5. He Got Banned From Training?!

Tanjiro’s urge to interfere between all matters, even those that don’t concern him; ended with the result of him being literally banned from training activities on the Hashira training course!


6. He Can Speak to Birds!

He can speak to birds, he understands their language and can communicate himself very well to all sorts of birds including pigeons, sparrows, crows and even eagles and falcons!


7. He Cuts His Own Hair!

This is a cute one, Tanjiro actually cuts his own hair by himself! He doesn’t have anyone else to rely on when it comes to cutting his hair, which can explain why his hair looks so unevenly cut!


8. He Has Many Names!

There are many names that Tanjiro has, we see this when Tanjiro meets Inosuke! He ends up calling him different names such as Gonpachiro Kamaboko, Gengoro Shakariki, Tontaro Itadaki, Kanjiro Anago, Tangoro Hamado, Jangoro Amado, Monjiro, Kentaro and Souchiro.


9. Tanjiro Hates Debt!

What is one thing that Tanjiro hates even more than Demons? Well... he hates being in debt! He literally doesn’t accept the free basket that is offered to him by the shopkeeper so he could carry Nezuko around. In fact, he’s so adamant on paying the man he almost breaks his hand!


10. Muzan is Terrified of Tanjiro?!

This is a little-known fact, but Muzan, the big bad of Demon Slayer is actually terrified of Tanjiro! This isn’t for no reason of course, Muzan knows that he has caused irreparable and unforgivable damage to him, so Tanjiro will eventually come for him. However, Tanjiro’s strength level is what scares Muzan so much, and that’s fair, Tanjiro worked himself to death in just training!

This was ten facts about Tanjiro from Demon Slayer. Tanjiro is an awesome guy with lots of different personality traits. Now you know a little more about him!



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