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Do You Know the Real Dabi? - Let's Find Out!

Hey, my fellas. I believe you're obsessed with My Hero Academia Characters. Am I Right? Well, so am I. Today again, I'll be sharing some facts about the strongest MHA character. For me, he is the strongest character in the anime. He is none other than Dabi. Man, I just love him.



1. I bet you didn't know the meaning of Dabi!



Toya Todoroki


Dabi means Dearly Loved. That's very true since I dearly love him. (HAHA)


2. Who is Dabi Shipped with?



My Hero Academia Characters


Being the biggest Boku No Hero Academia fan, I also ship characters. I believe you also do that. So, it's the most asked question by fans. Plus, for those who were looking for the answer, then be glad! Dabi is shipped with Geten. Yes, and the duo is named DabiTen. (nice name, though).


Spoiler Ahead! (Don't read the next 2 points if you haven't read the Manga!)



3. Dabi's real name is Toya Todoroki!



Strongest My Hero Academia Characters


Ohh, yeah! Who would have thought that he would be the brother of none other than Shoto Todoroki. I had a gut feeling that he might be Shoto's brother though. Dang, that’s something intriguing.



4. Just like Shoto, he also had a harsh childhood!



Dabi MHA


That's pretty obvious with a father like Enji, though. (no offence) Well, what Shoto experienced was way harsher than Dabi. Still, Dabi's relationship with his father had a significant role in shaping Dabi's character. 



5. Did you know Dabi's sun sign is Aquarius?



Well, the ones who are born in January can be excited. Yes, because Dabi is an Aquarius. He was born in January. People born in January are famous for being unique, clever, and self-reliant. All of these traits can be seen in Dabi. 



6. Dabi's dream was to surpass All Might!


BNHA Characters


Yes, he shared the same dream as Deku of being the number one hero.  Dang, see! what has he become now. That makes me sad. (I am not gonna spoil anything).



7. Did you know his Flames are up to 3000!


MHA Academia


Yeah, these are also the reasons why Dabi's skin is burnt. Well, his skin burn is a result of his own quirk. (Yup, he got the scars in his childhood).



8. Did you know that Dabi can't cry?


Yeah, the number one reason is, of course, his tough character. The primary reason why he can't cry is that he doesn't have normal tear glands. Yup, dude, that's pretty logical; his tear glands were burnt. (You know the reason why).





Okay, my friends. I hope you enjoyed reading the blog. I am sure you learned something new about your favorite character. I know Dabi is a bit evil, but I am still in love with him. In fact, we all know what kind of heartbreaks he went through as a child.  


Dabi is one of the most popular characters in MHA. I would love to know your thoughts about him. Why do you like Dabi? Let me know your thoughts in the comments. Until then, my dudes, Good Bye.


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