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Fun Facts About Kocho Shinobu From Demon Slayer

Who doesn't love, our beautiful, deadly, and scary Insect Hashira? From the beginning of the series, she captivated viewers with both her appearance and fighting style. In addition to her personality, which despite having a cheerful and pleasant facet, hides her deep hatred against demons behind.

So while we wait for the third season to come, we decided to list some facts you probably didn't know about Shinobu.


Kocho Shinobu From Demon Slayer

Shinobu Kocho is 18 years old in Demon Slayer. She is one of the two Hashira women ranked as the most powerful swordsmen, and she always shows the reason for her rank in every fight we see her participate in. Her birthday is February 24, she is 151 centimeters tall, weighs around 37 kilograms, and is both a demon slayer and a talented pharmacist.


In Japanese, Shinobu is a verb that means “to bear or to remember”, at the same time it also finds its origin from the word “shinobi”, which means ninja. Her last name, Kocho, means “butterfly”



Kocho Shinobu past

If we talk a little about her past, we have to start with the fact that before both her older sister and she joined the demon hunters, one of these vile beings attacked their home, taking the lives of their other relatives except for them, who were saved by the current pillar of the rock. This event prompted them to become demon hunters so that no one else had to go through a loss like theirs. Shinobu and her older sister (who was already a pillar) travelled hunting demons and doing good deeds, one of those was rescuing Kanao who was, so to speak, a slave and would later be Shinobu's successor.



Kocho Shinobu voice actor

Hayami Saori is responsible for her voice in Japanese. Other popular characters you might recognize that are also voiced by her include Yumeko Jabami from Kakegurui (the main reason I recognize her voice anywhere as “AHH IT’S THE CRAZY WOMAN”), Maria Campbell from My life as a Villainess, and Himawari from Boruto.  And, if you are a fan, you will recognize her as the voice in Japanese of Kamisato Ayaka, the beloved white heron princess from Genshin Impact.



Kocho Shinobu uniform

It was revealed in one of the extras from volume 12 of the manga, that Shinobu´s uniform originally followed the same style as Mituri Kanroji´s, with the central part of the bust open. However, Shinobu rejected this design and burned the uniform in front of Maeda, the squad's couturier, demanding him to make her the classic buttoned-up costume.



Kocho Shinobu sword

Forged by Tecchin Tecchikawahara, the boss of the swordsman village, the sword used by Shinobu is slightly different from other Nichirin blades, shaped specifically to imitate the sting of an insect by injecting poisons against demons.
Every time she sheathes her sword she does it to recharge said poisons since it works like a syringe.




shinobu giyuu

Shinobu does not have a boyfriend in Kimetsu no Yaiba. However, her fans paired her with the Hashira of Water, Giyuu Tomioka for various reasons. The most mentioned is that they usually have "couple quarrels" during their missions. Shinobu seems to dislike Giyuu as she just likes to make fun of him and perhaps among the Pillars he is the closest to her. Other fans have mentioned that the phrase "The Moon Is Beautiful, Isn't It?" she said to Tomioka was used by Japanese poets to say "I love you". Knowing that she said this to Giyuu, it could be that Kocho may have liked the boy.



Shinobu From Demon Slayer

Perhaps you already knew some of the things mentioned and others you had no idea. Likewise, we hope you liked our little list. Let us know that juicy tidbit we didn't put up but you think is something every Shinobu fan should know in the comments!

Until next time fellow anime fans!



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