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Fun Facts About Tanjiro Kamada From Demon Slayer

tanjiro blade

An incredible show about slaying demons- Demon slayer, has brought us some of the most powerful and interesting characters to date. It is undoubtedly one of the best shounen series out there, that quickly reached soaring heights of popularity after airing. The show took no time in delving into a mesmerizing plot of demon-slaying, along with its unmatched character developments.
We do know the show is crazy good, but what do we know about its protagonist, Tanjiro Kamado? Fret not if not much, because I’ve got you covered. Buckle up and check your seat belts, we’re about to ride through an interesting facts-train!
NOTE: The following article might contain some spoilers from the ongoing season 3!


The Headstrong Kamado-Literally!

tanjiro rage

Heroes tend to have unique quirks, and an indestructible forehead is one of Tanjiro’s. No matter how powerful you might think you are, the second Tanjiro decides to smash his head into yours, you can book yourself an appointment for a cranial fracture.

This hidden talent of Tanjiro is his ultimate power move that has not failed to offer some of the funniest fight scenes in the anime!


Mysterious Family Lineage

tanjiro family

This interesting character also happens to have quite an interesting family or – had. Since the beginning of the anime, creators have been dropping foreshadows of Tanjiro’s father performing the infamous fire dance technique. This mystery follows up later in the Mugen train arc when we see Tanjiro questioning Rengoku about it. This could have something to do with the murder of Tanjiro’s family, and hint us as to why Muzen wants the Kamados dead.

His Demon Slayer Abilities

Demon Slayer Abilities

As we all know, Tanjiro wasn’t always the badass demon slayer he is today. After the tragedy in the very first episode, he swore to avenge his family’s death and started training to become a demon slayer. Currently, he uses water breathing techniques, and some fire breathing techniques occasionally, as it takes a toll on his stamina. We can expect him to learn other techniques in the future, as you’ll read further in the fact below.

Tanjiro’s Scar

Tanjiro’s Scar

Tanjiro’s scar caught our eyes ever since the anime began. It was initially a burn mark that Tanjiro’s rigorous training morphed into a messy scar. We get to uncover interesting details regarding the scar in season 3, as Rengoku’s father claims that demon slayers that practice sun breathing technique- the most powerful technique that other techniques are derivates of, are known to have such marks on their forehead, in addition to wearing the same Hanafuda earrings as Tanjiro does that symbolize the breath of the sun!

Heightened Sense of Smell

tanjiro Sense of Smell

This guy also happens to have a crazy accurate sense of smell. Whether it is smelling the underground, or sensing which blood belongs to which opponent, Tanjiro can smell anything, anywhere. From smelling emotions like fear and pride to smelling nearby enemies, nothing can escape Tanjiro’s nose!

No-lying Policy

No-lying Policy

Another interesting fact about Tanjiro is that he cannot lie. What’s more interesting is that he makes it obvious that he cannot lie. In the latest episodes of season 3, as we have witnessed, Tanjiro’s lies about being Uzui Tengen’s wife’s brother are quickly followed by his horrible and hilarious facial expressions. The moment you push this poor boy into lying, his face will harden, and words will barely fall out of his mouth.

A Loveable Boy

tanjiro loveable

Putting yourself in Tanjiro’s shoes- a boy who lives on with the horrible sight of his family laying mercilessly slaughtered by blood-sucking demons would be akin to inflicting unbearable pain upon ourselves. To think this young boy managed to keep his heart at the same level of purity and love as before is a miracle. Despite going through so much, Tanjiro’s anger did not blow out of proportion, he uses it where it is needed. The caring side of him is something that we are all still lucky to see glowing brightly in the series. His loving nature is a fact worthy of acknowledgement!


This is it for the fact-train, the train is short as of now since the anime has still a long way to go. Fans cannot wait to find out what more our wonderful creators have yet to show us about Tanjiro’s character. We might as well uncover a few more things in the ongoing season that is available for all of you to stream on Netflix right now!

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