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How I Think Attack on Titan Will End

* Spoiler Alert!


Everyone has been concentrating on the battle between Alliance Powers v. Eren. But what about Ymir and her story?


What do you think she wants?




Based on what has happened until chapter 137, there's a likelihood that Armin will die in the explosion. Eren won't die because he is on God level mode. 


But I think this is not how Isamaya would end the story simply because it is too awkward.


Both Ymir and Eren intends to free the world from hatred. In order to achieve that goal, Eren needs to end the curse so that Ymir will be freed. This will further free all Eldians. If this happens, she will no longer have to work for anyone. This also means that no more titans are required. 



I think Eren wants to become a devil himself to unite everyone. If we go back to Chapter 1, "To you, 2000 years later," where Eren is having a premonitory dream, Ymir has been waiting for Eren that long.


So I think everyone dying in the end does not make sense to me.


Needless to say, Isamaya will have the final stroke. 



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