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How Much Do You Know About Tanjiro Kamado?

No matter wherever you go, whichever books you read, whichever movies you watch or whichever series you love, each and every one of them runs on stories and every story in the world shares a fundamental similarity. All of them portray a protagonist. More often than not, the protagonist is a hero who inspires you or motivates you to be the best version of yourself, so that you in turn may inspire others to be the best version of themselves. Sometimes the hero is a shallow person, sometimes they are a complex puzzle that the audiences need to solve themselves. But more often than not, we come to like them for what they stand for. Tanjiro Kamado is no different. We have all seen what he stands for and what he hopes to achieve. We all know and love him. But can you say with complete confidence that you know everything about him? Why not read these very little known facts about him and check for yourself! Also, don’t worry if you haven’t caught up to the manga or watched only the anime, there are no major spoilers here.


1. Tanjiro had seen his father perform the Sun breathing outside of the ‘Hinokami Kagura’ dance

Hinokami Kagura dance


We have all seen Tanjiro perform the beautiful Sun breathing during his fight with Rui. But do you know that during the flashback when he saw his father, Tanjuro, doing the ‘Hinokami Kagura’ dance wasn’t the only time he witnessed his father doing the Sun breathing technique? Yes, there was another instance when Tanjiro witnessed his father’s Sun breathing technique. During a night, Tanjiro and his father came across a hungry bear that was frightening to the little boy, but his Tanjuro quickly killed it with an axe after entering the state. Tanjuro’s ability shocked his son, but Tanjiro made sure to remember that event.


2. Tanjiro inherited his hard forehead from his mother

hard forehead

We have all seen Tanjiro headbutting his way out of many situations when his life was in extreme danger, even against demons! But one might ask who Tanjiro inherited his hard forehead from?

It's not his father as many might think, but it is his mother, Kie Kamado.

It might not look like it, but Kie had such a hard forehead that she once defeated a wild boar just by headbutting it!


3. Tanjiro’s sense of smell is keener than you might think

Tanjiro’s sense of smell

Tanjiro has such a good sense of smell that not only was he asked to find missing things by the villagers because he could smell them, but he could also even sense the mortality fading away from someone. This was made very evident during two occasions when he felt his grandmother would die right before she passed away and when his father, Tanjuro, was on the verge of dying. Also, his quote, “Whenever happiness is destroyed, there is always the scent of blood” clears all doubts about him being able to smell death.


4. Tanjiro can even understand what birds are saying

Tanjiro can even understand what birds are saying

The pure heartedness of a character is usually conveyed by giving them the ability to understand the animals around them. This isn’t exactly a new trope since Disney has been doing this for a long time, but still, understanding animals, especially birds, is not precisely a natural ability. But when it comes to a character as kind-hearted as Tanjiro, this strange ability doesn’t seem out of place.

5. Tanjiro is tone-deaf

tanjiro tone deaf

You might think that a person as kind as Tanjiro, a person who can understand birds, would be a lovely singer, but no. Tanjiro is a man of many talents, but singing is not his strong suit. This is made pretty clear in many instances where he would start singing, and the people around him would not withstand his voice.

Had he been able to sing well, he might have covered half his way to
becoming a Disney Princess.

6. Tanjiro’s favourite food

Tanjiro’s favourite food

Tanjiro’s favourite food is angelica sprouts. Despite his calm and humble demeanour, there are times when even he can get impatient, and those times are when angelica sprouts are on the table.

Despite him being composed on the table, you can see his nostrils flaring
up whenever he sees angelica sprouts on the menu. Guess he is a human after all and not a walking perfection.

7. Tanjiro is one of the few people whose Nichirin sword had changed appearance

tanjiro sword replica

Despite Haganezuka, the blacksmith who forges swords for the Demon Slayers being disappointed that Tanjiro’s sword didn’t change its colour to red due to Tanjiro’s reddish hair colour, it's not very common for Nichirin swords to change colour at all. Not all Demon Slayer’s blades have a distinct colour. Tanjiro is one of those selected few whose Nichirin sword changed colour, and that too is a scarce colour even among those chosen few.

8. Tanjiro is the vocalist of a band

tanjiro band

Despite Tanjiro being horrible at singing, he is the vocalist of the "Stylish Scruffy Democracy" band, which is composed of Zenitsu (Shamisen and Songwriter), Inosuke (Taiko Drums), and Tengen (Harmonica). "Exploding skin and the melancholy of modern smell" was their debut song, and as you can expect, it was so horrible that everyone who heard it apparently
started feeling dizzy and vomited non-stop.

9. Tanjiro’s dreams are primarily about battles and training

tanjiro battles

We all know how hard Tanjiro works. Sometimes, others have to stop him just so that he takes some rest. But it seems that there is no rest for this boy. Even in his dreams, he is training or battling and constantly thinking about what didn’t go well, then he would analyse those mistakes and try to think of ways to do it better the next time. He sees many ways to work in situations you would expect from a real battle. His dreams are very realistic and scarily accurate.

10. Tanjiro’s earrings are censored in China and South Korea

tanjiro earring banned

Tanjiro’s rising sun earrings are iconic but unsurprisingly banned in China and South Korea. The atrocities committed by Imperial Japan during World War II is still fresh in the minds of the people in these two countries, so instead of the rising sun earrings, Tanjiro wears earrings that have the symbol of the Sun Disc flag rather.


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