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8 Interesting facts about Shoto Todoroki from My Hero Academia

He gets into U.A. High School through official recommendations. As we all know, he is also a part of class 1-A. We can see that he's quite good at academics as well. But let's get to learn more about him through his early life and the combats he goes through to become a pro hero!

Shoto Todoroki


1. He is a victim of his father’s selfish ambitions

Let's start with Shoto Todoroki's past. His father, Enji Todoroki or Endeavor, was always viewed as the sidelined hero during his t battles. We can see that he was often overshadowed, which explains why Shoto himself could feel the pressure of becoming a pro hero.

Endeavor wanted a son that had the half cold half hot blood abilities inherited from him and his wife. And when Shoto was born, he found him to be the answer. 

When Shoto is just 5 years old, he starts receiving training from his father. Endeavor's methods are very harsh, putting Shoto to the point where he even throws up out of sickness.

However, Rei, his mother, would try to defend him each time. He despised his father for abusing him and his mother. Moreover, whilst Shoto has siblings, his father keeps him away from them, making training his only focus.



2. Desire to own and reclaim his power


Shoto Todoroki fire


Despite everything, Shoto’s mom encouraged him to become a pro hero. One night, Shoto and his mom were watching television. All Might encouraged the children to make their powers their own, even if they inherited their parent’s abilities. His mother told him that he doesn’t need to be a prisoner of his bloodline. In fact, he could use his power to become whoever he desired to be. 



3. Shoto is abandoned by his mother

At one point, his mother loses herself to domestic abuse. Shoto overhears his mother talking to her mom on the phone. She tells her that she is slowly losing the mental capacity to raise her son. 

From the corner of her eye, she sees Shoto's red hair. She mistakes him for Endeavor and gets triggered, ultimately pouring the hot kettle water over Shoto. As a result, he gets a severe burn on the left side of his face. 



4. Shoto is cold and distant...

Shoto’s dark upbringing left him focusing on only one thing, and that was rejecting his father. When his father tells him that he had sent his mother to the hospital for pouring hot water over him, he snapped back. He told him that everything was his fault. 


5. He becomes social at one point too 

We also get to see Shoto socializing and becoming kind-hearted. However, you can notice this only after the U.A. Sports Festival happenings. It’s quite refreshing to see him smile at times, even though he is holding on to his aloof behavior. We can also see that he’s a bit hesitant and unclear while communicating. 



6. He has an air of arrogance to him

Shoto's quiet attitude also had an air of arrogance around him. His solitude made him adapt to a fierce independence. This turns out to be both a negative and positive trait.

It’s a pro characteristic because he barely listened to others’ opinions. However, it’s also a con that he isn’t willing to understand other people’s perspectives. Sometimes it’s just good to let your guard down once in a while and take advice, isn’t it?

Yet, we rarely see Shoto doing that. He wants to have complete power over his abilities. We can also see how even a character like Inasa Yoarashi doesn’t like Shoto simply because he comes off as unfriendly. Even though Inasa himself wasn’t any better either.



7. He is heroic but hates his fire abilities


Shoto Todoroki fire and ice




We can all see how ruthless Shoto would become in all of his battles. He mostly goes for freezing his opponents rather than using his fire abilities. He hated his fire powers because he got them from Endeavor, his father.

The only time he would use them is when he wanted to melt the ice. This also proves that he had a soft corner. Otherwise, he would simply get rid of his opponents by killing them. He has a sense of heroism because of the tendencies passed on to him from All Might.



8. He is understanding and selectively forgiving


Shoto Todoroki smile


Throughout the show, we can see that Shoto doesn’t actively miss his mother. However, Izuku’s speech at the U.A. Sports Festival reminds him of his mother’s kind words. This is also the first time he uses his fire powers in battle, suggesting that he was experiencing overwhelming emotions.

He then goes on to meet his mother after a very long time. It was only after that meeting that he learned to accept himself completely - fire and ice. We can see that he holds no grudges toward his mother because, deep down, he understands that she was a victim of his father’s abuse just like him.


That's all for Shoto Todoroki. What do you think of these facts? Do you resonate with his personality and do you find him interesting as the main protagonist? Let us know! 

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