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Interesting Facts About Tanjiro

We’d like to say it’s safe to assume that you’ve either heard about Kimetsu no Yaiba or (in english known as) Demon Slayer, you’re watching it, know a friend who’s watching it, or you’ve already read the manga during the wait of Season Two. Don’t worry we won’t spoil anything for you that the internet already hasn’t done for us. We’ll just be discussing a little bit more about Tanjiro Kamado, the protagonist of the famous but tragic anime. Where, if you learn to master the breathing of an element, you’ll be able to slice and hack off a demon's head, after a few years of training that is. Cool, right? We know! Now, let’s get back to our boy wonder, shall we?


Regardless of whatever your status may be with the anime, I’m sure the internet has already spoiled for you how this gentle hearted kid is so empathetic that he shows compassion to the notorious demons that don’t just go bump in the night. No! He genuinely sheds tears for them…only after giving them a little Water Surface Slash nonetheless. The anime makes it pretty apparent that his keen sense of smell not only allows him to sniff out these flesh eating demons from underground. It also lets him snuff out the emotional baggage these demons carry, tugging on his kind heart, ‘causing him to bid the demons a fair and gentle death, that’s as soothing as his Blessed Rain attack. Well…unless he’s provoked enough to use lethal force that is….


Okay, sure, Tanjiro may have a soft heart, and this could explain why he’s able to communicate with birds in their native squawks and chirp-chirps. This young boy has rough hands as seen for a couple of seconds throughout the beginning of the anime. It’s no doubt due to his gruesome training by Sakonji Urokodaki, and it’s meant to highlight Tanjiro’s hard work and determination throughout the years of his training. While we’re touching on such, who wouldn't have wanted to see this training put to good use against Muzan on the street during Tanjiro’s first encounter with the Demon King? While it might not be understood, it’s obvious that the sweet hearted boy experienced true inner rage when he smelled the ripe old demon, known as Muzan Kibutsuji.


After his encounter with the murderer of his family and the Maker of Demons, it doesn’t take long for Tanjiro to encounter demon after demon, which is like training in itself. He faces new adversaries, has to learn their fighting style and counter their Blood Demon Art by using new Breathing Forms in creative counterattacks, and essentially take up a constant state of Total Concentration Breathing. (Yes, after his training with Shinobu Kocho, he winds up making this his natural breathing routine). Aside from his work ethic, Tanjiro has a good judge of character as he only trusts people he knows are worthy of it. Which is only fair after experiencing so much loss, grief, and ultimately stress. I mean…reverting his demon sister back into a regular ole human isn’t all that easy, ya know?


Now aside from all his training, Tanjiro’s background is etched in his name as his family was a charcoal dealer. It’s ironic that the first kanji of his name “tan” means charcoal, the second “ji” means to heal, and the third “ro” son. Essentially, it is as if the writer, Koyoharu Gotouge, is saying, “Tanjiro has to heal from his past”. We see throughout the anime that Tanjiro carries around the hurt of not being there for his family when all but Nezuko were slaughtered because he was out on a run selling charcoal in a nearby village. Names aren’t the only thing that’s distinct about his protagonist, Tanjiro also happens to look like one of his ancestors! A striking resemblance actually only his hair isn’t as long and his kimono is a different color.


Since we are on the topic of Tanjiro’s fashion, it’s only right that we share with you how his Sun Dance earrings are banned in both China and South Korea. Tanjiro's earrings symbolize more than his family heritage, they also date back to the atrocities committed by the Japanese in WWII making them censored in both China and South Korea. Something else you should know is that when he combines powers with Nezuko his blade changes from black to red…hmm wonder what that could be foreshadowing? Moving on, another annotation to make about Tanjiro is the “birthmark” on his forehead. If you’re currently watching the anime or have even read the manga you should note how it changes into a Demon Mark that is said to heighten the abilities of its bearer, giving the demon slayers an edge in their fights with demons.


Wrapping this up won’t be easy as there are many things to discuss in the life of Tanjiro Kamado; how much a gentleman he is as seen when we see him reminding himself to buy Nezuko a new kimono to showcase her beauty or how he flaunted his reflexes when preventing a cup from spilling on Kano’s head. Or how he’s like the big brother figure to Zentisu and Inosuke in practicing patience and sharing with them when any other friend would just be annoyed. And like an older sibling, he’s very independent; the kid doesn’t need a barber, he cuts his own hair! So while we see that Tanjiro is an impeccable fighter with a will of fire, a head that isn’t just made like a rock, but has brains too, we’re hoping you now know more than just his Water Wheel technique but a few interesting facts about him too. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for the next one!



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