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Let’s Find Out What Made Levi Ackerman Cold-hearted? (Facts)

Hola, my weebs out there! I am back again with an exhilarating topic. As you can guess, today we’re gonna talk about some astounding facts about our heartthrob Levi Ackerman! Levi has been a universal crush after Attack On Titan.

People who think that Levi is cold and heartless, be ready because I will prove you wrong and tell you why! Stay tuned till the end!

So, let’s kill it! Here we go!


1. Did you know Levi Ackerman is above 30?                            

Hey, hey, calm down! I can feel you, dude. It was a shock to me too, LOL! Levi’s is around 30-33 years old! Yeah, making him sound like an uncle, but let’s focus more on our imagination! HAHA!



2. Did you know that Mikasa is about 12 years younger than Levi?                                                                                            

Interesting facts about Levi Ackerman


HAHA! I think I am the harbinger of shocks for you today! No worries dude, get used to it. We all wanted to make Mikasa and Levi related in one way or another, right? But dang, it seems impossible now!


3. Who has a crush on Levi Ackerman?   

Interesting facts about Levi Ackerman

Petra Shingeki had a deep crush on Levi, and you would be surprised to know that she wanted to marry him. Keep your hearts firm as I am going to break your heart! Petra was brutally killed by a Titan by a single kick and her body was bent backward! (Dang, I can’t take it anymore!)     


4. Levi smiles hardly two times in the whole Anime!


Interesting facts about Levi Ackerman


Yeah, that’s sad but good at the same time because at least we could see Levi smiling. The first time, he smiles is in the OVA: No Regrets, and for the second time, he smiles in season 3, episode 10! (It was not only the fans who got surprised seeing him smile but the ones to whom Levi smiled as well!)

Yup, Levi smiled while saying Thanks to the team!



5. Levi is a clean freak!

LOL, that sounds funny, right? I mean with all that blood and whatnot he is still a clean freak! And I can bet those obsessed with Levi must have known this fact! Still, it makes me unable to believe that!



6. Did you know that Levi is just 5 feet 2 inches?


Interesting facts about Levi Ackerman

Yeah, that's why Mikasa looks older than him because her height is 170 cm (5 feet 6 inches). HAHA!



7. The death of Furlan and Isabel impacted Levi the most!


Interesting facts about Levi Ackerman


Levi was super close to both of his friends. And he cared for them deeply. You'll be getting cold shivers to know how Levi took revenge on the Titan responsible for their deaths! Yup, Levi didn't simply kill him; instead, he cut each part of the body. There were so many cuts that we could see the Titan's hand divided into small pieces. Later on, he cut his vital spot and killed him! (AOT: No regrets, OVA)


Well, that's probably the reason Levi seems cold and never expresses his feelings! Because these were the rarest scenes where Levi showed concern and care for someone (Isabel and Furlan). And see, what he got in in return?



8. There was a Time when Levi wanted to kill Erwin, and later on, he tried to sacrifice his life!


Interesting facts about Levi Ackerman


Yes, Levi wanted to Kill Erwin (prequel of season 1), but after a series of incidents, his thoughts changed about Erwin! There were times in season 3 when you can see Levi ready to sacrifice himself for him!



9. Are Mikasa and Levi related?

I bet this is our favorite question, and we all are curious to find their relationship. But sadly, guys, both of them are not related by blood! As the name suggests, Ackerman, they are a part of the same clan! And their ancestors were related to each other in one way or another!



10. Did you know the name Levi means Joined in harmony?

Yeah, the most common meaning of Levi is "joined in harmony." Now you guys can relate Levi's name to his character!




Interesting facts about Levi Ackerman


The ones who thought Levi was cold now know that he was the one who lost control after the deaths of Furlan, Isabel, and Petra (we could see the rage in his eyes). Secondly, a cold person is never ready to sacrifice his life for anyone, but our Levi is always prepared!


Last but not least! What do you expect from a person who has lost all his loved ones to act like?          


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