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Most Popular Waifu of 2023

Most Popular Waifu


Waifu is a term familiar to many old and new anime fans. It is used to describe a female character from a series that the fan loves more than the rest of the cast and even other characters from different series. In recent years the newer anime fans have moved onto seasonal waifus, where they pick one girl from the currently airing anime to call their waifu.


This may seem blasphemous to some older fans, but we have seen some of the best waifu wars in recent years. 2023 might have just started, but we have already gotten some of the most popular waifus in recent memory. The following article is the anime waifus list of the current season. If you find any subsequent waifus interesting, why not drop by our online store to get yourself a top-quality anime figurine of your waifu?


  1. Hitori Gotou

In a season filled with the return of the classics and the adaptation of one of the most anticipated manga, no one would have thought that a show about a shy guitarist girl who suffers from anxiety attacks as soon as she talks to a random stranger would become the top-rated anime of the season. Most of this is due to the fantastic cast and their dynamic, which is primarily due to the main character and the most popular waifu of the season, Hitori or more commonly known as Bocchi. How she is animated and portrayed has caused many to relate to her struggles, boosting her popularity. Whether you like her due to her quirky nature and the over-the-top interpretations of her anxiety, there is no doubt that Bocchi is one of the best anime waifu in recent years. You can also get the figurine of Hatsune Miku, whom Bocchi is shaping up to become.


Hitori Gotou


  1. Nijika Ijichi

She is also one of the prominent cast members in Bocchi the rock alongside Bocchi and is the one that invites Bocchi to join her band. She is shown to be an extroverted person who wants to meet new people and has a passion for music. She started a band with her friend and Bocchi under the guidance of her elder sister, and as we progress, we are slowly shown that she has a true passion for music and wants to use it to accomplish her life goal. Due to her bubbly nature and personality, she has become a fan favorite by quickly climbing the anime waifus list and becoming one of the best anime waifu of 2023.


Nijika Ijichi


  1. Makima

If there were one character that has divided the fanbase this much, it would have to be Makima, as she is one of the most beloved anime waifu to some, while others think she is the worst character due to her anime yandere girlfriend tendencies. Whatever your thoughts on the matter, maybe she is undoubtedly one of the most mysterious characters in the series, which only adds to her already massive feminine charm. Her relationship with Denji, the main character, is also unique. She is willing to indulge Denji in some of his fantasies if he does everything she says, making you either love him or think she has the stereotypical anime yandere girlfriend tendencies. But even if you don’t like her, her popularity speaks for itself, as she is one of the top-rated waifu on the anime waifus list. And she is defiantly anime yandere girlfriend material. You can also check out our store for figurines from the chainsaw man series, like the figurine of Power, the only girl to challenge Makima for the title of best girl.




  1. Yor Forger

Yor is a character who has remained one of the best waifu in recent years even after season one of her anime ended, and with the release of season two, her popularity has only grown, as seen in the anime waifus list and charts. Most of her popularity has a different source than others on this list, as many love her because of her attitude towards Anya. Anya is her adopted stepdaughter, and rather than being cold towards her and doing the bare basic, she takes an active role in her life and loves Anya dearly. Which for many is the best thing ever, and this is the same reason she became as famous as she did.


Yor Forger


  1. Orihime Inoue

One of the first female characters from the hit series Bleach Orihime has changed a lot from her early 2000s rendition. With the return of Bleach, we get to see Orihime again, and this time, in the final arc, she is neither a useless character nor a damsel in distress. Instead, she holds one of the most potent non-reaper powers. With it, she can act as the best support and even win a few fights. She might not be on the absurd level of Ichigo and the main villain, but compared to her other counterparts, she is one of the best. This has also caused her old and new fans to rank her as one of the best anime waifu of the season. You can also get posters featuring the whole Bleach main cast from our site.


Orihime Inoue



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