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My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 10 Overview

 How many of you expected this action-packed emotional rollercoaster of an episode? Unless you’ve read the Manga or come across some untimely spoilers, you must've been utterly blown away just like us. So let’s dive right into Episode 6’s overview! 

     Most of us did not expect Bakugo to selflessly push Deku out of danger’s way, getting fatally wounded in the process. If you’ve watched your fair share of Anime, you know that this kind of occurrence is the que for the series protagonist to go berserk. As his childhood friend tumbles to the ground, Deku is gravely reminded of what happened to his mentor Gran Torino as well. Shigaraki, who is still under All For One’s control, calls these sacrifices utterly futile and pointless. Losing all his calm, Izuku lunges at Tomura while breaking all the rivets in his way. 

     It’s not as if Tomura was unprepared for this revolt, because he manages to grab the young Hero’s face by hand and attempts to steal the coveted One for All quirk. This would have worked if not for all the other entities involved. Deku knows exactly how special his Quirk is and would go to new lengths to protect it, the same as the quirk’s predecessors. The very essence of all the past One For All users would never let their lives and legacies go to waste by letting All For One steal it. As such, the present duo find themselves within One for All itself. 


My Hero Academia Season 6


    Elsewhere, the disastrous Gigantomachia continues to make its way towards its master, leaving nothing but destruction in its wake. While the Pro-heroes are busy evacuating the citizens, they are instructed to put everything aside in order to stop the giant. As if things weren’t bad enough for the 1-A Heroes, Himiko Toga who was on Gigantomachia’s back senses Uraraka Ochaco’s presence nearby and decides to confront her instead. 

     Ochaco falls for a very basic trick of disguise here, but most of us would have too under such circumstances. Disguising herself as an old woman, Toga leads the Heroine into an isolated alley and reveals herself. Ochaco makes the bold decision to confront the Villainess, only to get slammed into the ground. Toga proceeds to question her regarding Twice’s death and wonders how far these “Heroes” would go to stop their plan. Keeping things real, Ochaco calls these questions “unworthy of answers''. She counters with a question of her own, as to whether Toga killed the old woman earlier in the name of her childish tendencies. At this point, Toga is absolutely infuriated with Ochaco’s behavior. We can already expect to see a blood-curdling battle between the two women in the next episode. 

     Inside One for All, Deku is reassured by Nana Shimura telling him not to push himself so hard. Shigaraki is unhappy about All for One’s intervention, but his mentor points out how he would've died if not for him. The Villain proceeds to explain how he used to have frequent nightmares of people whose quirks he’s stolen and how they’d only stop after he got rid of said powers. After meeting Garaki, he realized that consciousness was carried by the stolen quirk’s genes contained in the cells. As such, we now know the reasons behind Deku’s bad dreams as well. 

     All For One mocks Deku, stating that he is unworthy of One for All and lets anger control him. His brother, the original owner of One for All, appears and states that Deku is indeed worthy as he is willing to go to any lengths to save others. As the world inside One for All crumbles, Deku manages to stand once more and lunges at his foe.

     As the duo exit the parallel world, they are both left powerless to continue the fight and begin a slow descent. While Shigaraki had failed to steal his quirk, Deku no longer had any strength left to fight. We finally see his eyes close as he slowly loses consciousness here. As for what happens next, we will only know for certain in the next episode. Just remember, Deku is someone who is beloved by his friends…


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