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Sasuke Sword Real

Sasuke’s sword has helped Sasuke win several battles, earning him the title of being the best sword fighter in the Naruto series! 


About the Sasuke's Sword:

Sasuke’s chokuto styled sword was his personal choice inspired by Orochimaru's sword, titled “The sword of Kusanagi” for its one-handed sword fit, that Sasuke would only draw out when necessary to deliver quick and precise slashes. 


Through channelling his lightning chakra-Chidori into his blade, Sasuke could greatly amplify his sword’s sharpness and cutting range, leaving his enemies numb from the impact. Unlike ordinary katanas that are curved, Sasuke’s sword was a straight, sharp-edged, and single-bladed weapon that he fought his enemies with, carrying in one hand, while using the other one for hand signs, summons, Kunai, and Chidori. His lightning chakra infused in his blade exhibited immense power during battles, which by adulthood, Sasuke incorporated into his speed as well, to the point that it matched Kinshiki’s speed, and allowed him to switch between wielding his sword backhanded and normally during intense clashes.



Introducing the Anime Supply's Sasuke Sword

Inspired by this steel-hearted man, we bring to you a fitting steel-bladed Sasuke sword. Our Naruto Sasuke Steel Cosplay Katana is the replica sword you’re searching for. Closest to the actual sword, this Sasuke Nichiren is the perfect copy of the original on the market right now!



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