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Spy x Family Character Overview: Fiona Frost


     After making her Anime debut in Episode 20 of the Spy x Family series, Fiona Frost drew the attention of many fans. Other than the simple allure of a new face, there seems to be much more to this new Spy. As such, let’s unravel some information about her without risking any major spoilers.


Episode 20 of the Spy x Family

     Similar to Loid Forger, Fiona Frost is a competent spy who works for WISE under the badass codename "Nightfall". In the Anime, she is currently undercover as an assistant for Loid at the Berlint General Hospital where she works diligently to supply him with relevant mission details. She is voiced by Ayane Sakura in the original Japanese dub and Lindsay Seidel in the English dub. 


Ayane Sakura


     Standing at 172 cm height, with Lavender (almost White) hair and Purple eyes, Fiona is an Intelligence Agent whose allegiance lies with Westalis. She is of pale complexion and wears her short hair in a bob cut, with a long fringe covering most of her right side. While she maintains an emotionless expression nearly all the time, she is stated to be quite beautiful by characters.


fiona fashion

     Her fashion sense is simple but sharp, quite similar to her unique personality. Having been taught by Agent Twilight to mask her true emotions, she now remains emotionless on the outside 24/7. She can maintain this face even while confessing her undying love to Loid in her head. There is no question that Fiona is hopelessly in love with Twilight, so much so that she would even risk compromising Operation Strix, a mission of grave importance, in the name of her unrequited love. To this end, she told her Handler, Sylvia Sherwood, and even Loid himself to replace Yor Forger with herself to take on the role of the Forger wife. What’s worse, she even visited the Forger’s Residence without fussing about the risks it entailed! 


fiona staring

     Regardless of what her goals are, her colleagues view her as an unscrupulous and ambitious woman who wouldn’t hesitate to backstab her allies in the pursuit of a reputation far greater than Twilight’s. Meanwhile, she continues to believe that she is the rightful and superior partner to Loid. With this in mind, she attempts to separate him from Yor somehow.  


Fiona Yol

     As a trained Spy herself, Fiona has some notable skills made apparent so far. Her Poker face is absolutely flawless, as she can effortlessly conceal all of her emotions to the degree that nobody can tell what she is thinking or feeling at all. She dons a stone-cold expression half the time, even if she is feeling happy, upset, angry, or even romantic. We also witnessed her impressive display of physical strength. For a woman of this stature, it’s hard to believe exactly how much strength she has in store. She could easily take on multiple opponents in Tennis matches and even managed to rally a shot by Yor. That’s quite the noteworthy feat, considering what we know about Yor’s capabilities. 


spy x family facts


Some neat facts:

  • Did you know that the name “Nafalia Foney” she came up with for herself at the Tennis tournament actually stems from her own codename "Nightfall"? This is because in Japanese, the name "Tobarī" is a derivation of the codename "Tobari". On the other hand, the name “Foney” is hinting at the fact that she and Loid are a fake or "phony” couple.
  • Fiona is featured on the cover on the Manga’s Sixth Volume. We see her signature chair in this illustration, which is a Panton Heart Cone.
  • Agent Nightfall seems to have very good eyesight. How do we know? Well, she is constantly staring at Twilight from a sizable distance and appears to enjoy the view just fine.
  • Since she was trained by Twilight, she must have superb Combat power right? Wrong! Fiona’s Combat capabilities are nothing when compared to Yor. She actually places even lower than Loid in this department. 
  • After getting defeated by Yor in a tennis match, she begins rigorous training in the mountains in preparation for her revenge match against her love rival. Thanks to this, her swing speed has significantly increased. With enough effort, she can even cut the ball in half now!

     That’s all on Fiona Frost for now! We will no doubt see more of her in the future. Will her love for Loid prevail? Will Loid finally notice her in the way she wants him to? Will Yor be able to maintain the mantle of the Forger wife? Keep watching Spy x Family to find out! 


Spy x Family Fiona

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