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Strongest Demon Slayers and Swords

Demon slayer, in recent years, has taken over the anime community by storm with its excellent visuals and pacing. It not only revitalizes the Shonen genre but also reuses old stereotypes in a new way which makes it nostalgic and also something new at the same time.


Strongest Demon Slayers


It also helped that the combat system of Demon slayer was one everyone could understand in a matter of minutes and didn’t take whole arcs to explain. Paired with a highly artistic visual style, the fights were more enjoyable as one could easily follow the combatants. But alas, not all slayers are born equal, as some possess more power and abilities than their peers. To that end, this article will rank some of the strongest players in the corps based on their swords and broad skill set, and if you find any of the blades mentioned here attractive, then check out or store where you can check out top-of-the-line Demon Slayer swords for sale ranging from demon slayer sword replica and even the elusive demon slayer sword tanjiro. Without having to worry whether is the demon slayer sword real or not.


1. Muichiro Tokito

Muichiro is one of the youngest slayers ever to be recruited into the demon slayers corps, and he is shown to be quite aloof and rude at the start of the series. But as the story progresses, we see his past and how he becomes who he is, from losing his brother to finding out he is a decedent to an ancient demon slayer who betrayed humanity. He is the Mist Hashira and is said to be one of the best Hashira in history. He uses mist breathing, which allows him to deal swift and decisive attacks on his enemies without them noticing. His blade is made of high-quality Nichirin, white in color. He can also use the slayer mark to turn his blade crimson red. His demon slayer sword replica is one of the most famous in the community.


demon slayer Muichiro Tokito


2. Tanjiro Kamado

Tanjiro is one of the story’s main characters and the most wholesome protagonist. Even though he has gone through some hardship, he still can see the good in people and help them overcome their demons. After the head of the demons kills his family, he arrives to find his sister is still alive and tries to save her, only to find out she has turned into a demon. But after a chance encounter with Giyu, he can calm his sister down and start to train to one day find the truth about his family's murderer. He is proficient in water breathing and finds out that he can perform the lost art of sun breathing, the most robust style known to man. His Nichirin sword is a dark black color and one of the market's most sought-after demon slayer sword replicas.


demon slayer  Tanjiro Kamado


3. Rengoku Kyojuro

The blazing fire Hashira of the demon slayer series Rengoku has made a place in the hearts of many with his endearing personality and top-of-the-line fighting skills. He is one of the strongest in the slayer corps and is also responsible for training many other famous slayers. He follows the way of fire breathing taught in the household for many generations and is said to be one the strongest. We see him in action in the Mugen Train arc as he fights the lower moon one and upper moon three demons back-to-back using his iconic red Nichiren blade, the most beautiful demon slayer sword replica available on our site.


demon slayer Rengoku Kyojuro


4. Kanroji Mitsuri

Mitsuri is among the very few female Hashira and is considered the most physically strong out of all of them. Once upon a time, she was a student of Rengoku and learning the way of fire breathing, but due to her unnatural body, she could not master it. But after some encouragement, she was able to develop her style, which was able to grant her the seat of Hashira. We first see her in action in the sword smith village arc, where she efficiently dispatches her opponents of upper moon demons. Her sword is also unique as it bends and becomes whip-like with her breathing style. Her Nichirin sword is beautiful reddish pink, which would look great with the demon slayer sword tanjiro. Both of them are demon slayer sword for sale at our site.


demon slayer Kanroji Mitsuri


5. Sanemi Shinazugawa

Sanemi is a misunderstood character in the series. When first introduced, he is shown to be rude and over-aggressive, relentlessly taunting tanjiro and his sister, saying that she can be nothing more than a demon. Later, we learn how his mother became a demon and killed his siblings, only to be killed by a passing demon slayer who took Sanemi into the corps; this incident gave him a deep-rooted hatred for demons. He channeled this hatred into his training and became the wind Hashira by mastering the wind breathing style. His Nichirin blade is the most unique as it has a teeth-like pattern in a forest green color. You can easily find this demon slayer sword for sale at our site, and rest assured you are getting the real demon slayer sword.


Sanemi Shinazugawa



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