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The Little Known Facts About Tanjiro Kamado

Tanjiro is an interesting guy, he’s got a rare black sword nichirin sword in his hand and a demon sister on his back. But there are a few more things about him that a lot of people either don’t know about or just simply don’t remember. So here, we’re going to go back and help you better understand the caring yet capable protagonist that is Tanjiro Kamado.



The Rare Sword

tanjiro staring at his sword

Tanjiro’s nichirin sword changes to a rare color: black. Don’t worry, this isn’t what we wanted to tell you, however, what we DO want you to know is why it’s black. The show tells you that it’s because people with black nichirin swords tend to die early on, but that isn’t what it really means. Each nichirin sword’s color reflects the user’s abilities, and Tanjiro just so happens to possess one of the most rare abilities (breathing techniques) out there: sun breathing. Now, you may be asking, what is sun breathing, well.



Sun Breathing

tanjiro sun breathing

Sun breathing was the very first breathing technique that was made, and it has been passed down through generations through a special dance, and this led all throughout Tanjiro’s family. The breathing technique looks very similar to flame breathing, but is very different. For one, most of the styles are very balanced in every way. The ability is great at defeating demons and halting their regenerating, however Tanjiro did not know this for quite a while, and that is because he did not know how to master this ability with no drawbacks for a while. 



Tanjiro Didn’t Always Hate Demons

tanjiro demons

I know, you may think we’re crazy for claiming this, but it’s true. There was a time where Tanjiro did not think demons and humans were so different, and this is mainly shown when he first encountered on (other than his sister). He was hesitant to kill the demon, and only attempted to do so when his sister’s life was in danger, and even then he failed to truly kill it. This was commented on by Giyu Tomioka when they first met, as well as Urokodaki when he was mentoring Tanjiro. However, he grew past this and no longer hesitates when it comes to decapitating demons.



Weird Quirks

tanjiro smell

Tanjiro is known for having an amazing sense of smell (it’s basically a super power) and having an incredibly hard head that has helped him defeat demons before. But, did you know that he got his hard head from his mother? It makes you wonder if Nezuko has a hard head too sometimes… But back to his quirks, his nose is, as we all know, very powerful. It's so powerful in fact, that he has used it to help find missing people back in his home village.



Last Comment

tanjiro bird

There are a lot of other things that I don't blame many people for not knowing, like apparently Tanjiro can understand what birds are saying, which is shown by only Tanjiro understanding what Zenitsu’s bird says. Or the fact that Tanjiro is tone deaf, which is shown in chapter 72 of the manga. Or how Tanjiro cannot keep a straight face when he lies. There are a lot of weird obscure facts about him, but I think those things are what makes him so likeable.

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