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Things You Should Know About Shinobu and Redbacks- Facts

Hey guys. I am back again with another fantastic character. I know you have already guessed who he is. It's Shinobu from Boku No Hero Academia. My Hero Academia is famous for a lot of things. Be it animation, story, or art (manga).


Besides, the main reason for its popularity is its electrifying characters. Even the villains of this anime have a separate swag. Shinobu is the one among them. Not much information can be obtained from the anime. Those who have read the manga or watched the anime may want to find out more about him.  


So, let's learn some facts about this character. Without any further ado, let's start our talk.



1. Do you know who the leader of Redbacks is?


Yeah, you guessed it right. He is none other than Shinobu Chisuke. Redback is an organization that is feared by many. (Redback is a pretty cool name, though, LOL!)



2. Did you know the meaning of Shinobu?


Well, it's a Japanese name. The meaning of Shinobu is "Recall." I must say the name is well suited for Shinobu's personality. Let me surprise you even more. His first name is Chisuke which has two syllables. One is Chi, and the other is Suke. 


Chi means "Blood", and Suke means "Help" which describes Shinobu perfectly. He is the guy who is loyal to his members and helps them. When someone dares to provoke Chisuke, he will make them bleed to death. Yeah, you got that right! Shinobu doesn't spare his foes.



3. Have you heard of Shinobu's Quirk?


Well, that's the fundamental question that every BNHA fan wants to find out. I bet some of you might know about this. However, for the ones wondering, his Quirk is Redback Spider. LOL, I don't know why but that sounds scary.



4. Shinobu is 51-year-old!


Shinobu is 51. His swag is beyond any numbers.



5. Redback is a Villain Organization!


Those who haven't read the manga might be curious about this one. So, let me clarify here that Redback is a villain Organization. That means your very own Shinobu is an antagonist. Redback has a swag, though. It's very loyal to its members.



6. He looks like a Spider!


Like his Quirk says it all, he is just like a spider, and he is the same size as an average human. (EEH! That sounds scary). 



7. Shinobu is feared like death by people!


Yes, guys! He's pretty loyal to his members. However, when someone stands against him, that one won't stay alive for a long time. It also might be the reason why few have seen him.





Well, my friends, this was it for today. Being a huge My Hero Academia fan, I know how it feels to be curious. I can totally relate to you guys as I am just like you. I hope you enjoyed reading the article about Shinobu from BNHA.  


Let me know your thoughts about him. I would love to know your answers. Till then, Good Bye.


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