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Top 10 Facts About Eren Yeager!

As fans of attack on Titan, we have grown to love and hate Eren Yeager in many different ways. However, the one thing that we know for sure, is that he is quite a mysterious character! There is so much mystery, vagueness and ambiguity to his character that it’s almost always difficult to understand what sort of person he is! So, we've got you ten facts about Eren Yeager that might tell you a bit more about him!

10. Eren’s Titan Powers!

Eren is quite literally the only character in the series to have more than one Titan form, he has a total of three different Titan forms of his own. The Attack Titan and Founding Titan which he gets from his father, and the Warhammer Titan which he acquires from the Tybur Titan Shifter.


9. Eren is a Bad Liar!

Even though it is just a small detail, we know that Eren is a horrible liar. This was showcased in a small detail, in the very first episode. When Eren lies, his mother Carla immediately realises it because Eren’s ears become red. She also mentions that his ears go red anytime he lies!


8. The Suicidal Blockhead?!

The Suicidal Blockhead

According to Armin, Eren's nickname amongst the 104th trainee team ended up being “the suicidal blockhead.” This was due to his extreme hatred for the Titans, who are much more powerful than humans. Eren’s mission to wipe out all Titans garnered him this nickname when his titan powers hadn’t formed.


7. Eren’s Popularity!

Despite being beloved by masses, Eren did not manage to reach the number one spot on the popularity contest for attack on Titan. That spot instead was taken by Levi who managed to become the most voted in the popularity levels.


6. Eren’s Kill Record!

Out of the entire 104 trainee squad, Eren has the highest Titan kill record by far. This is because of his own Titan shifting power which has granted him the ability to destroy Titans by being much larger than them and much stronger in general. However, in human form Mikasa has the most kills.


5. Origin of Eren’s Name!

The origin of Aaron’s name is unclear, until the third season of the show. It’s revealed that Eren’s father Grisha named Eren after a fellow accomplice of his, known as Eren Krueger, aka The Owl. This was further confirmed when Eren uses the alias Kruger when infiltrating Marley as a woonded soldier in season four.


4. His Arc Was Changed?!

According to the manga writer, Hajime Isayama; Eren was Supposed to know that he was a Titan all along. However, this idea was scrapped in order to make the story a bit more complicated and make Eren’s journey much more fulfilling at the end. This particular change also made the season 3 reveal feel much more heavy and life changing for the character.


3. Eren’s First Kill!

eren's first kill

Despite Eren’s immense hatred for Titans, his very first kills are in fact humans. The first time we see Eren killing someone is when he rescues Mikasa from her captors in the 6th episode of the first season, where he brutally murders the kidnappers while being 12 years old.


2. Eren Has Killed More People Than Anyone Else in The Series?!

In his pursuit to do the right thing for his people, Eren has caused major casualties of war as a consequence. His invasion of Marley resulted in the death of hundreds of people just by himself alone, while many more were caused by Armin’s transformation into the Colossus Titan.


1. The Inspiration Behind Eren’s Titan Form!

Hajima Isayama has stated many times that his ideal physique for Eren’sTitan would be to have the look of a middleweight mixed martial artist. In particular mentioning that Eren’s physique design was inspired directly from the popular Japanese martial artist named Yushin Okami.


Yushin Okami attack on titan


There you go, Attack on Titan fans! Here are the ten best facts that you absolutely needed to know about Eren Yeager. While we continue to see the story develop, we hope that there will be more facts to tell you guys about Eren till the series ends!

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