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7 cool facts that make All Might from My Hero Academia a favorite character!

All Might or Toshinori Yagi from my Hero Academia is a prominent character. And there are two reasons for that. The first one is that he teaches Foundational Hero Studies at U.A. High School. The second is that he had been given the title, 'Symbol of Peace' because of being the no.1. Pro Hero.

That said, there's a lot more to his character than just being a heroic teacher. Let's dive into his super cool traits!


1. Double Identity Dynamic

All Might smiling


At one glance, you can think of All Might as the typical superhero. After all, he has the desire to save and protect everyone. And not just that, he also makes sure to give a dashing heroic smile once he know he's done a good job. 

But there's a different side to him as well. All Might isn't always headstrong and heroic. From time to time, he has the tendency to be reserved too. We can recognize this second form of his by unique characteristics too. For instance, he tends to vomit blood, which is proof of his frailing health too. 



2. He is honest 

People love looking up to All Might. And it's no wonder either since he's a teacher and a famous former Pro Hero. We can see that Izuku comes up to him and expresses his dream of becoming a hero. 

Firstly, All Might encourages him because he doesn't like disappointing people. However, he tells Izuku to not go harsh on himself by being more realistic. After all, becoming a pro hero is no easy feat and he wants the best for everyone.



3. He is always optimistic

Strong All Might

So we can see that All Might values staying realistic. However, he is also quite full of hope and positivity. It doesn't matter if he's in his heroic mode or slightly reserved, he remains optimistic nonetheless. And he instils this energy into the people around him, whenever he gets the opportunity.



4. He values self-sacrifice

All Might has been a fan of saving people ever since his youth. He would always dream of rescuing as many people as he can. He had inherited One for All from Nana, which allowed him to take down even the most powerful villains on the battlefield.

We can see that All Might never give up his symbol of being the 'Role of Peace'. He tries to hide his weak and fragile side from other people, but he fails to do so. His injuries become too apparent to hide from anyone. 



5. He resists his weaknesses 

Weak All Might

All Might has high morals not only on the battlefield but also inside his mind. He sets challenging thoughts for himself which allows him to grow both on the outside and inside. It is due to this reason that he also wants nobody to look at him as a weak person. 

The Fight Against All One is a great example of All Might's values and resistance to showing weakness. He makes sure that nobody gets to see his weak form, even though it's hard for him to always stay upright. His fragile form often comes in front but even despite that doesn't stop him from feeling amusement. He doesn't allow his weakness to come in the way of being a beacon of hope to others. 



6. All Might is famous

All Might smiling

It's no doubt that a hero gets all the attention. We can see people at the school really admire All Might for his optimistic presence. However, being the number one pro-hero in the past also brings in a lot of journalists to the campus. Some people at the U.A. High School find this quite threatening, getting jealous of all the spotlight All Might gets. The coworkers are also against him for the fact that he attracts villains onto the campus as well - the media also vouches for this fact.



7. All Might gets overconfident but remains protective

Although All Might keeps an inspiring and lively environment for the students in class 1-A, he tends to get overconfident about his skills at times. We can see that sometimes the students outsmart his wit as well! Nonetheless, he never seems to take that as an insult and continues to be protective of his students.




So, All Might fans, which trait do you find the most interesting about our Pro Hero? And is there anything else that you've noticed about him? Let us know in the comments! Also, don't forget to check out our My Hero Academia merchandise and this amazing All Might action figure!

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