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What anime should you watch if you like Attack on Titan?

1. Berserk


Watch the original 1997 adaption.

The story revolves around a mercenary group named Band of the Hawk and the protagonist, Guts. Their leader, Griffith becomes a close friend of Guts, but remains distant and mysterious.

This is a dark fantasy horror based on a medieval European fantasy with knights in armor, dragons, as well as kings and queens.

Fans of Berserk have been waiting long to see how it ends, but just as One Piece or Attack on Titan, it won't end any time soon.



2. Goblin Slayer


A dark fantasy consists of 12 episodes.

The main character of this anime is a priestess. She becomes a member of a guild to do a contract job. But all members except her are killed in the midst of the adventure. 

She could survive thanks to a mysterious man named "Goblin Slayer." He is an adventurer who only aims to kill goblins. 



3. Claymore

This dark fantasy is set on an island where humans are killed by humanoid shape-shifting monsters. There is a group of women hunters (half human and half monster) who kill monsters for a fee. They are famous for their silver eyes and their Claymore swords. 

The anime consists of 26 episodes.



4. Elfen Lied


The anime centers on a race named "Diclonius." They look similar to humans except the fact that they possess little horns. 

They are regarded as monsters due to invisible arms that they use. They can pass through solid objects. They can also tear anything up. 

They are quite aggressive to humans. 

The protagonist of the anime is Lucy, a Dicolonius, who has been trapped in an experimental facility. She loses her memory and becomes amnesia while escaping from the facility.



5. Castlevania


This anime is based off of the famous video game series, but you don't need to play this game to understand the show.

The show continues for two seasons.

Just as other suggestions on this page, this anime features a lot of dark monsters plus vampires. The main villain of the show is Dracula. 

Fantasy, action, thriller, humor, and tragedy are all exquisitely mixed in this anime.



6. Owari No Seraph


The characters seem a little soft and gentle, however the anime has dark themes. The story takes place in post-apocalyptic world where everyone was killed except children under the age of 13.

To make matters worse, vampires and monsters strive to control the earth. Human beings have to provide their blood to these monsters to grant protection.

The plot follows two orphan friends. One sacrifices his life to vampires in order to save his friend. The remaining one that lives seek out revenge and determines to kill all vampires.

However, it turns out that his friend is still alive and is a vampire. 



7. Hellsing ultimate

A dark fantasy anime consists of only ten episodes. It is one of the best vampire anime out there.

The story revolves around the organization called Hellsing that dedicates itself to destroying supernatural forces that threaten the lives of humans. The head of the group is a charismatic woman who commands an army.

Her strongest weapon is a vampire called Alucard (yes, that is "Dracula" spelled backwards).



8. Tokyo Ghoul

Just like Eren in Attack on Titan, the main character of this anime (Kaneki) is a human-monster hybrid. 

Ghouls look like ordinary humans but they have to survive on eating human flesh. They also possess many supernatural powers and can become mad if they get too excited or hungry. 

The anime was very popular to the point that it got live-action and video game adaptations.



9. God Eater

A post-apocalyptic anime consisting of 13 episodes. The story takes place in the year 2071 in a nation called the New Asian Union.

An organisation called Fenrir helps protect people from monsters named "Aragami." They use unique weapons named "God Arcs."

 The show is based on a video game adaption of the same name. If you like this show, enjoy playing the game!



10. Kabeneri of the Iron Fortress

Many people point out similarities between Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress and Attack on Titan

The plot takes place in the age of the industrial revolution except the fact that people are killed by virus. People who are infected become monsters and there are very few ways to kill them.

Just as in Attack on Titan, the story takes place in a fortress that was constructed to protect humans from these monsters. Another major similarity is that the monsters attack the fortress at the beginning of the show.

The protagnoist, like Eren, also becomes a kind of human-monster hybrid.



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