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What Do We Know About Tanjiro's Swordsmith?


Tanjiro Kamado's awesome Black Nichiren blade has several fans across the globe. Has any of you wondered, who's the master behind his magnificent possession? What talent lies behind a sword that can slay demons in one slash? Well, it's none other than Hotaru Haganezuka! 


A fierce individual who happens to hate his name because of how "cute" it sounds, yes you read it right. His character comes off as quite an interesting one right off the bat. Today we'll delve deeper into Tanjiro Kamado swordsmith's life and find out several more interesting facts about Tanjiro's famous sword maker!


The master swordsmith Hotaru has made several appearances in the anime. The first time Hotaru appears is when Tanjiro receives his Kamado katana for the first time. Hotaru visits Urokodaki's house to deliver Tanjiro his first katana once he clears the final selection. As we know, demon slayer Nichiren blades are special blades that change color depending on their wielder's signature breathing style. Hotaru expected Tanjiros's sword to turn bright red, but to his surprise, it turned black! 


This new and interesting revelation wasn't accepted or welcomed so well by Hotaru himself, who later became visibly angry at Tanjiro.




One of Hotaru's key personality traits has got to be his hot temper, on top of an eccentric personality that has pushed several of his clients away from him. However, even though Hotaru always seems to be running after Tanjiro like a bear with a sore head, the relationship between the two is far from decaying and has quite surprisingly blossomed into one that is built on trust! This is pretty evident from the time when Tanjiro ends up with a broken blade from his fight with Rui, and his thoughts are quickly followed by an enraged image of Hotaru, sending Tanjiro's mind into a spree of apologies. Moreover, during the rehabilitation arc in the butterfly mansion, Tanjiro is seen once again with an inflamed Hotaru chasing him with a knife in his hand- a knife known to be so sharp that it should never be used for cooking by the way!


This shows that although Tanjiro is not exactly a fan of Hotaru's wrath or is probably not, he trusts Hotaru to always have his back! This has a lot to do with Hotaru's burning passion for swords which has shaped him into a master swordsmith today. No matter how many times Tanjiro breaks his kamado blade, Hotaru always finds a way to fix it. His enthusiasm for forging blades always overpowers his anger and disappointments.


Hotaru tanjiro


Abilities And Skills

Being a master swordsmith Hotaru is known to have no fancy magical abilities but his blade forging skills are no less than magic. No matter how many times Hotaru received one of his creations broken or chipped, he never gave up. Hotaru would spend days in the mountains training just so he could forge a stronger Tanjiro katana. In addition to his exceptional skills, Hotaru's unending stamina also deserves attention and should be counted among his strongest abilities. He could run after Tanjiro for days and still not get tired while Tannjiro would be found lying somewhere half passed out because of exhaustion.



More About Him!

Other interesting facts about Tanjiro's master swordsmith include his favorite dishes- Mitarashi that helps him calm down during his sudden bursts of anger. His wind chimes attached to his hair also help him cool down his temper, and he's known to have them ever since he was a kid! 


Tanjiro is lucky to have such a talented swordsmith. His services do come with an additional bucket of rage, but that's another story!

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