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What Makes Blue Lock So Different?

What makes Blue Lock so different?

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The anime that has been on a roll recently, Blue Lock isn't a sports anime by any means. It brings such different elements to the table that categorizing it as a single genre just does it dirty in my opinion. Being promoted to infinity far ahead of the anime release, the World Cup only made that hype go crazy, the series has had everything go right for it.

But today, we'll talk you through what exactly makes the title so different from the rest of its peers since I doubt you've ever watched an anime that even comes close to this masterpiece we’ve got right here!


A story that starts off normally and then just blows your mind

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Every sports anime starts off with a vital match, a final play that either makes you a winner or a loser. Blue Lock isn't any different. But the road it takes soon after those first few minutes makes you doubt your memory to be honest.

A battle royale setting is something none of us can avert our eyes from. But when you gather every promising striker in Japan and aim to get the cream of the crop, a single forward, ready to score every goal possible, then you're insane, plain and simple. But Ego Jinpachi knows better, coming up with the facility Blue Lock and polishing these diamonds in the rough to get that perfect player that hasn't existed for a long time.

Ranking the players from the get-go with the teams going up against each other in a round-robin format, Blue Lock is survival of the fittest gone totally soccer! Each and every team is monstrous, with Team V having that trio and Team X with Barou going on a roll, totally.


Characters that proudly define themselves as egoists

blue lock characters

It's rare for anime not to introduce characters ready to sacrifice themselves for others with their love and kindness. But the Blue Lock anime brings together faces that are as selfish as it gets, each and every one of them trying to take that number one spot for themselves.

I mean we just saw Kuon forming that truce with the twins, making that hat trick look like nothing but his lucky day. But the powerhouse, Team V with the trio didn't buy what he was selling, making him a character we can all hate for the right reasons.

Plus, with the number of goals determining whether you advance or not, Ego Jinpachi has made sure it's every man for himself, no friends or allies, only foes wherever your eyes run off to. The character design is also great, with every character having this personality that you can't forget even in a million years. This soccer anime is going to stay relevant for a long while to come!


Unpredictable, unplanned and at times straight-up unfathomable

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A show where anything can happen anytime is just my kind of show, with the Promised Neverland being one of the best in that regard. But Blue Lock follows the same formula with the games being as unpredictable as it gets.

Nothing's set in stone and given how the show likes to operate on themes that have made all the true soccer fans angry to the very core, Muneyuki Kaneshiro is a brave one, that's for sure. I don’t know about you but I’m super looking forward to the new episode of Blue Lock every weekend. It’s just so enjoyable watching the Blue Lock anime where Isagi shines brighter than the rest!


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