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Why Should You Watch Vinland Saga?


As a very successful manga series, Vinland Saga was destined to become one of the best anime in the last several years. With its unique story, characters, and setting Vinland Saga offers a fantastic experience that’s rare among most new animes. 


Despite this, Vinland Saga is still a very underrated anime and people are not acknowledging how great this show is. In this article, we will go through some of the main reasons why you should watch Vinland Saga.


The Characters

While the story focuses on a boy named Thorfinn who has a goal of getting stronger and avenging his father, there is another big part of the story that involves the war of the Crown of England. 


That being said, there are many characters with whom you can connect and care deeply about their development throughout the whole series. For example, Askeladd, the man who kills Thorfinn’s father at the beginning of Vinland Saga is one of the main characters you should keep your eye on. 


The Setting

Vinland Saga is set in the year 1013 in a Viking-conquered England, a time and a place not typical for your everyday type of anime. The show is exploring the Norse culture and beliefs and also the Vikings' brutality and thirst for battle.


The best thing is that this is a seinen show which means that when you combine everything mentioned you get a Viking show with some breathtaking yet very brutal scenes that will leave you wanting for more. 



The Action

While it’s a fairly realistic anime that gives a lot of attention to the drama and the feelings of the characters, this show offers some great action. The Vikings are known as some of the best warriors in history and that’s exactly what you will see from Vinland Saga’s characters. 



The Animation 

Vinland Saga is animated by Wit Studios, the same animation studio behind the first three seasons of one of the greatest hits in anime, Attack on Titan. That being said, Vinland Saga has top-tier animation which makes the world-building and the action scenes look and feel spectacular. 



The Soundtrack

Vinland Saga has a perfectly done soundtrack that goes very well with every scene in the series. Whether it’s a fight scene or an emotional character-focused one, the soundtrack has the ability to make you feel everything that is going on at that time. 


The music will make the action scenes more enjoyable, will build up your suspense, and will also make you care more for the characters’ emotions. Truly, a piece of art. 



Final Words

Vinland Saga is a show that will quickly become one of your favorites. It’s written very well and everything in it works just perfectly until the end while also setting the story for many more great things to come.


And those things will come sooner than you thought. If you are interested in watching this show and want to experience the world of Vinland Saga, be sure to do it until the release of the second season.


Vinland Saga’s season 2 releases on January 9, 2023, and will be animated by MAPPA Studios.

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