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75cm Cosplay Samurai Sword (Katana) For Cosplay

75cm Cosplay Samurai Sword (Katana) For Cosplay

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About Samurai Katana

Samurai warriors were the elite class of Japanese feudal society. The traditional Japanese society consisted of Samurai, farmers, craftsmen, and merchants. Samurai warriors were expected to bring security and order to the members of Japanese society.

Samurai always carried katana (sword) with them and it was a symbol of their pride. Bushido (武士道, a moral code of samurai) also made the sword its emblem of prowess and power. The very possession of such an equipment conveyed the carrier a feeling and an air of self-respect and responsibility.


TheAnimeSupply's Samurai sword is a perfect replica of what Japanese warriors carried in the past. It is very light and feels comfortable when you grip it with your hand. The base is hard while the inside is soft.


It looks like this.


Product Description

  • Sword Maker: TheAnimeSupply
  • Texture of Material: PU Polyurethane
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Dimensions: 75*7.5cm
  • Weight: 137g
  • Warning: Keep away from fire/children
  • Application: Cosplay, Christmas, Adult's Day, Halloween, National Day, Valentine's Day