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Free Tracked Worldwide Shipping | Only at TheAnimeSupply

One Piece Zoro: Samurai Katana Keychain

Original price $21.95 USD
Current price $14.99 USD

Are you really an anime fan if you don't have this?!

The SAMURAI never dies!! Defend yourself on the go with one of our nearly six-inch Katana Key-chains!As its name suggests, the katana key-chain has a scabbard with a key-chain on it. This is a more modern and functional version of the sageo. You can hook the scabbard onto your key ring or collect the samurai sword key chains as a fun novelty item. There are even Seven styles to choose from: Gold, Green, White, Black with Purple, Red, Black, and Blue.

  • Material: Alloy
  • Size: 15cm/5.9
  • Weight: About 9g

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