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4 Reasons Why Jojo's Stardust Crusaders Is The Best


One of the most anticipated and longest-running franchises, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is finally returning to screens with part two of Stone Ocean. Set to be released in September 2022, the series carries on the long and colorful tale of the Joestar Group. While this will surely inspire fans to binge watch the past seasons as a refresher, let’s take a look back at one of the most popular arcs—Stardust Crusaders—and break down just why this storyline remains undefeated.

The character development

Critics of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure often say that the show’s main characters lack depth. In Stardust Crusaders, though, fans were thrilled to see that writers had written a little more meat for Joseph and Dio. Following his appearance in Phantom Blood, Dio’s turn in Stardust Crusaders becomes even more intimidating and maniacal. Meanwhile, the comical writing for Joseph Joestar saw him become one of the storyline’s most beloved characters. From cursing in English to cooking up an unexpectedly ingenious solution, Joseph became the arc’s star. So much so, in fact, that he became viral online and was more popular than the main character Jotaro.

The conflict is more creative

Sure, Stardust Crusaders still got into a lot of fist fights. But thanks to the new villains and storyline, the issues presented in Stardust Crusaders were more nuanced. Inarguably, one of the most memorable conflicts was the poker face-off with D’Arby. In episodes 34 to 35, the Joestar Group faced off against gambler D’Arby. A stand user himself, D’Arby captures the souls of those he defeats. D’Arby’s game of choice is poker, and he considers himself the best gambler in the world. Aside from being an ace (no pun intended) at card games, D’Arby is also a huge cheat. This is why he always knows how to win at poker. Due to his superior poker skills, D’Arby eventually take a soul from Polnareff. Of course, the Jotaro eventually bests him but this conflict did make for a great story arc.

The introduction of stands

A slew of super-powered villains is nothing new to the world of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. However, the introduction of stands in Stardust Crusaders upped the ante and added a new power concept that fans love. As entities physically generated by stand users, stands grant their owners enhanced abilities. Depending on the wishes of the user, stands can be used to attack, defend, serve, or even advise. Presented in a variety of forms, stands’ unique abilities made Stardust Crusaders one of the most exciting parts. While each stand brought something new to the table, the strongest stands are said to be Star Platinum, The World, and Cream. Unfortunately for the Joestar crew, two out of three of the aforementioned stands were determined to wipe them out.

The part has spawned the most references

Without a doubt, Stardust Crusaders has become the most referenced storyline — and this is saying a lot for Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. To date, numerous other popular anime and manga franchises have made numerous Jojo references. It seems virtually every anime from various genres has made a reference to Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure at one point or another. One of the most notable examples of this can be seen in One Piece. One of the most popular animes, One Piece has been a cultural icon since it was first released in 1999. In a clear homage to the aforementioned Joseph Joestar, One Piece villain Charlotte Katakuri says, “and your next line is…” which is a catchphrase that Joseph popularized. Reportedly, the Japanese dub even uses the same voice actor for the two characters.

Ultimately, Stardust Crusaders remains one of the most iconic arcs for good reason. While it’s not a flawless season, Stardust Crusaders is arguably one of the best ways to introduce the wild and wacky world of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures. If you still haven’t gotten introduced to the Joestar Group, this is the storyline that will get you hooked.


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