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Katuski Bakugo- Did You Know These Facts about him?

Hola, my buddies, love to see you back here! Again, I am back with some interesting facts about a famous character! Can you guess it? LOL, you already knew it! Yup, it’s Bakugo! Of course, from My Hero Academia!

My Hero Academia has been winning the hearts of otakus worldwide mainly because of its plot, action, and characters. Yes, My Hero Academia characters have a particular place in the hearts of weebs, and when we think of MHA characters, then after Deku, Bakugo is the most popular one! Am I right?

So, today on popular demands, let me share with you some intriguing and entertaining facts about Bakugo!



1. Katsuki means Victorious, and Bakugo means Explosion, Powerful!


Katsuki Bakugo


LOL, we don’t even need to find out more about Bakugo since his name describes him perfectly. He is like a bomb, and we all know that quite well!



2. Did you know Katsuki’s sun sign is Taurus?


MHA Characters


Yeah, you heard that right; his birthdate is April 20th! So my Taurus buddies, now you can relate with him easily. You would be surprised to find that people born this month are well known for being intelligent, stubborn, and dedicated! (This pretty much sums up our Bakugo, isn’t it so?)



3. Did you know why Bakugo wants to be the no.1 always?


Many of you might know that Bakugo can’t tolerate him being second to anyone. Especially when it comes to Deku! This is because he has a superiority complex!



4. Bakugo and Deku both carried the same dream of surpassing All Might!




Yeah, the other reason that pisses off Bakugo is he also wanted to surpass All might. And not only that, he wanted to be the wealthiest person in the world (My Hero Academia Manga Chapter 1)



5. Bakugo’s pride is one of the main factors that make him the way he is!


strongest My hero Academia Characters


The reason behind all his negativities. Yes, the reason why he can’t tolerate himself being second to someone. It’s his pride that also hurts Bakugo the most, and he becomes vulnerable!



6. Bakugo has a soft side for Deku!


Izuku midoriya


This is what we call friendship! No matter how much he teases Deku, he always has a positive intention behind it! (Just Like our Sasuke and Naruo combo, LOL)



7. Bakugo’s character was initially designed to be kind!


Deku and Bakugo


I bet this is something hard to believe, right? But dude, that’s true. The creators wanted Bakugo to be the nicest! However, later they thought that his kind personality would not make him dominant! Hence, they changed him to the Bakugo we all know! (Thank God, they decided to change his character!)



8. Katsuki is a multi-talented guy!


My Hero Academia


Don’t tell me that you think this can’t be possible. Since our very own Bakugo isn’t only a good fighter but can also play drums and cook! LOL, that sounds a bit funny, but that’s a fact!



9.Bakugo likes all spicy foods!


Deku vs Shigaraki.


Like you guys, now I can also figure out why he speaks so spicy! HAHA!




So guys, I hope you enjoyed reading the article! Would you have liked it if the creators made Bakugo’s character to be kind? Let me know in the comments below! I would love to know your thoughts!


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